• p1-212 — Maschio Veloce Semi-Mounted Disc Harrow - Folding
  • p1-212 — Maschio Veloce Semi-Mounted Disc Harrow - Folding

Maschio Veloce Semi Mounted Speed Tiller - Folding

Product Ref: p1-212
Veloce Model - Folding
(120-240 HP)

The Veloce is a light disc harrow for shallow seedbed preparation (up to 10cm). Discs are arranged in 2 rows with opposing disc direction. Wide spacing (620mm) between rows prevents soil or crop residue from clogging the machine. Every disc has its own independent hub with super-sealed long-life bearings lubricated in an oil bath keeping maintenance to a minimum. Elements are linked to the frame by a silent block system with 4 rubber dampeners which absorb the vertical stresses and require no recurring greasing.

  • Semi-mounted
  • Rear roller mechanical adjustment
  • 2 Ranks of Ø 510mm independent toothed discs slight block dampened
  • Road light kit standard on units from 3m up
  • Discs are 510mm Notched
  • Disc Hubs are SKF Agrihub Oil filled
  • Anit projection system on the front, left, rear and right
  • 450mm Cage Roller
  • Folding
Veloce Semi-Mounted Disc Harrow - Folding
Model 400 500 600
Working Width (cm) 400 500 600
Transport Width (cm) 300 300 300
Number of Discs 32 40 48
Min HP 100 125 150
Max HP 160 200 240
Weight (kg) 3190 3710 3990