UFO Speed Disc - Folding/Trailing - 4.0 - 6.0m

Product Ref: p1-232
UFO 3PL Model
(110-200 HP)

The trailing UFO is a heavy-duty disc harrow fitted with larger 610mm discs that are arranged on 2 rows with opposing disc direction. Wide spacing between rows and gangs prevents any soil and crop residue clogging. Oil-filled bearings mean there is no maintenance on the system at all.

The New C shaped spring system allows disc breakout both backward and sideways for added protection. It has the potential of 200mm of upwards travel if needed. The C shaped spring is designed to be strong yet free to vibrate which absorbs the high-speed stresses and discharges them by vibrating and further working the soil. A heavier machine means digging in more challenging conditions is possible with a finish that is flat and seeder ready. The dual roller setup on the rear governs depth and offers a secondary refinement of the seedbed. The two different sized rollers run at different speeds, which has the effect of reducing surface clodding.

  • Hydraulic drawbar CAT.3
  • 2 gangs of independent Ø 24 in. discs with double coil spring
  • Adjustable containing disc (left and right)
  • Hydraulic folding frame
  • 400/60-15.5 transport wheels (Version 400-450)
  • 500/45-22.5 transport wheels (Version 500-600)
  • Lighting and warning board kit
  • Tractor hydraulic distributors required: Min 6
  • Rear roller with pin adjustment
  • Heavy-duty disc hubs "Cultihubs":
    • oil bath
    • waterproof mechanical sealing
  • Disc is 610mm notched
  • Front left and Rear right projection discs
  • 400mm Cage Roller
UFO 3PL Disc Harrow
Model 400 600
Working Width (cm) 400 600
Transport Width (cm) 300 300
Number of Discs 32 48
Min HP 160 250
Max HP 220 360
Weight (kg) 5200 6870

* Other sizes available on special order