Maschio Bella Series (35-80 HP) Mulcher

Product Ref: w7-26
Bella Model
(35-80 HP)

The Maschio Mulcher range caters to the needs of farms dealing with grass, brush, crop residue and prunings. The Bella model three-point hitch is reversible, which allows use on the front or rear of the tractor. The unit is also offset adjustable. The Bella model is designed for grass and prunings up to Ø 6cm

  • Universal adjustable three-point hitch I^ cat.
  • Gearbox PTO 540 rpm with free-wheel
  • Transmission belts external adjustment
  • Electronically balanced rotor
  • Kit hammers "08"
  • Lower toothed counter-blade
  • Roller unit
  • Standard PTO shaft
  • «CE» safety guards
  • Driveline 540rpm, 4 Belt
  • Hammer & Counter Blade
Bella Model Mulcher
Model 190
Working Width (cm) 195
Transport Width (cm) 205
Possible Offset (cm) 40
Max HP 80
Min HP 35
Weight (kg) 500