Next Generation Farm Records...

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Did you know that innovative solutions were available for keeping farm records? In the modern age it's crucial to be able to access your records online. So we looked into a few of the apps available to manage your farm. Click here to read more...

Do you want to take the Strain from moving your Grain?

Do you want to take the Strain from moving your Grain? image

The farmer of today is increasingly mindful of finding safer and more efficient ways of operating, of reducing effort, and increasing effectiveness. In other words, he must work smarter, not harder. Introducing Grainline the smarter way to move your grain! Click here to read more...

Walco Spreaders
Purchase Online Now

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How would you feel about owning a spreader with a reputation for doing a good job in a tough environment? That’s the reputation Delmade’s Walco spreaders have with Australian Dairy Farmers. A tough durable brand of spreaders built to last no matter what! Click here to read more...

Winter Farm Food

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Its Winter and whilst its cold outside it’s the perfect time to sit by a warm fire and try some delicious winter warmers!
We have put together a list of our favourites and we hope you will enjoy!
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Agfest 2018 - Raffle Winners

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Announcing the Delmade Agfest Raffle Results for 2018 and the lucky winners were... Click here to find out!