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Delmade remains Tasmania’s only manufacturing tillage expert and the company’s quality line of Autumn planting & tillage equipment reflects just that. In demand, this season is the Gigante Seed Drill, the Delmade Subsoiler, the Delmade Offset Disc and the APV Pneumatic Seeder. These machines are flagship models in the Delmade & Maschio range.

Delmade’s Offset Disc range boasts a comprehensive number of machines designed to suit a variety of on-farm soil conditions with both rigid and folding models available. These machines are ideal for all levels of farming from small acreage farms up to contractor and broadacre farms, with large 60 plate folding fully spec’d heavy-duty models available.

Leading the field in quality and duty of design, the Delmade Offset Discs are built with an eye for detail, these machines heavy and durable, with oil bath bearings, flotation tyres and fully bolted adjustable gang frames. They are designed specifically to provide a deep cut and optimal finish every time.

When it comes to seeding/planting with the Offset Disc you can use an APV Seed Box for a single pass tillage and seeding experience or use your Offset in conjunction with the Gaspardo Direct Drill.

In situations where a fully spec’d Direct Drill is not required you can’t go past the APV Range of seeders. The great thing about these seeders is they can be fitted to existing machines, including a range of power harrows, hoes, rollers, drills and cultivators offering a cost-effective means of establishing crops with fewer cultivation passes. Delmade can offer standard mounting platforms to suit Maschio equipment including the Veloce Speed Disc and DC/DM Power Harrows. Also, custom mounting platforms for existing machinery or Delmade equipment such as the Delmade Cultivator or Roller.

For broadacre farmers and minimum-till farmers, the Gaspardo In-line Direct Seed Drill is ideal. The unit is recognised for experience and accumulated know-how to which whole generations of both engineers and farmers have contributed over almost two centuries in the business.

The seeding unit promotes reliable and quality direct drilling regardless of seed type and actual conditions in the field, even where there is a lot of stubble to contend with. The considerable down pressure (up to 260 kg per disc) allows it to easily cut a seeding line even through tough soil. Seeding depth remains constant thanks to the independent furrow-opening and furrow-closing movements. An extensive range of adjustments are available, to better adapt to soil conditions and the farmer's own preferences.

Agronomic benefits associated with the Gaspardo Drill include Increased soil fertility, increased organic matter and humus, increased crop-benefiting microbial activity, less oxidative stress on soil and less soil erosion. Financial Benefits include fuel-saving, an increased window to work and less time spent working the soil. The Gaspardo Drill is designed to work with NO destruction of the soils structural colloidal system and with minimal loss of fertile soil to erosion, this proves a great benefit to the environment and is ideal for conservation purposes.

When establishing ground for crop Delmade promotes the use of a Subsoiler to break the hardpan and increase soil aeration for deep roots and a healthy crop. “Subsoiling is like putting money in the bank, in a dry year the shattered subsoil will allow the water to move up to the topsoil allowing the plants to feed and in a wet year you prevent water pooling by draining the water down through the subsoil.” The Delmade Subsoiler is built very heavy duty to stand up to the considerable strain of work at depth and comes as a spring release or shear bolt model depending on the rockiness of the ground being worked.

The Delmade team are committed to backing up their promise to “create and sell quality agricultural equipment for Australians on the land”.

Customers can give the team a call to arrange an inhouse or on farm visit with an experienced rep, to discuss specific farm needs and to set up equipment and ensure it is configured to your farm conditions.

“Local built, local tough” is the motto of the Delmade team. Call 1800 335 623 or visit www.delmade.com.au.

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