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Effective irrigation is key to influencing the growth process and increasing yields. However, managing an irrigator can take serious work. This season Delmade has you covered with a number of options to help you manage your Pivots and retain or drain your water.

IRRIGATOR INSTALLATION: Irrigator installation is as important as long-term maintenance. If you are installing or using a linear irrigator this season, then a Delmade Linear Marker is a must-have. The linear marker is designed to make the furrow to be followed by the irrigators guide sensor. The Delmade Linear Marker is a 3-point linkage unit. With a balloon wheel to help control the depth, a single moulder to form the furrow and adjustable wings to move the excess soil away from the furrow. Designed to make it easy to install and maintain your linear irrigator furrows!

LAYING PIPE: Laying pipe for irrigation systems or reticulated stock water troughs? Delmade has the solution to turn this time-consuming job into a one-man operation! The Delmade Ripper Pipe Layer has a unique reel attachment that takes the challenge out of laying pipe. Rip and lay your pipe in one smooth operation. Another great feature is the large aperture allowing up to 2” poly pipe with fittings (there are larger models for bigger pipe as well)! Save yourself time and $$$ with this great tool.

MANAGING RUTS: If you have been irrigating for a number of years now no doubt you are familiar with the dreaded wheel ruts. Delmade has two simple solutions, the Rut Filler, and the Rut Eradicator! Both these solutions can save you huge money and time, in fact, customers using our Rut Filler say it only takes 1/10 of the time to maintain their ruts now they have the Rut Filler.

The Delmade Rut Eradicator is as good as its name, a simple effective machine that uses the same running gear as our 650 Offset Discs. Simply hook the unit onto the tractor and run along the irrigator wheel path. The Eradicator pulls compacted dirt from the outside of the rut and throws the dirt into the rut, filling the rut without an external filler material.

If you have bigger Ruts, then the Delmade Rut Filler is ideal. This unit takes 7 cubic meters of fill material and uses an effective self-leveller to ensure ruts are filled to the correct height every time.

DRAINING PADDOCKS: Have a paddock which pools water? A simple solution is the Mole Drainer or the Delmade Subsoiler. Designed to minimalize surface and topsoil disturbance, the mole drainer opens underground channels to drain soggy pastures. Draining the soil profile without disturbing groundwater and pasture surface. When done in the right conditions Mole Drains last many years, providing paddock drainage for years to come. 

MANAGING WITH EXCESS OR INSUFFICIENT WATER: The big tip to managing to much or too little water is to be prepared before the season starts. Subsoiling your paddocks will ensure that if a season turns wet or dry your paddocks will be able to drain or retain moisture as required. Delmade’s subsoilers are to designed heavy to ensure a max depth is reached and the hardpan subsoil is shattered. This makes sure your crop has a deep bed for long healthy roots.

If you would like more information on managing your water Delmade has a local team of highly skilled agricultural product consultants. Simply call in to 7 Roxford Ave, Westbury or give us a call on 03 6393 2373. We would love to hear from you! 

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