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The Kiwi designed Hydralada is first in its class as a tried and proven elevating work platform. Having been manufactured since 1975 using a very high standard of engineering and superior componentry. This commitment to quality combined with the unique features and high-efficiency operation has ensured that Hydralada is a leader in its field.  The remarkable Hydralada design with its smooth profile and low tail height has proved popular for a wide variety of uses.

We list below some of the reasons why Hydralada is the choice for astute organizations where efficiency and value are paramount.

Unique Design

Hydralada’s smooth low-profile outline is unique and renown in its field. Apart from the visual aspect, this unique design provides superior stability and access under low branches and into confined situations with ease. The engineering is second to none with all structural components tested to AS1418 Pt10 (Australian standard for Elevating Work Platforms) for stress loading, providing you with the assurance that operator safety is foremost. No chassis components are used for the oil or fuel tanks as this can develop problems with time.

Rubber Tracks
Handle mud and slopes

Mounted on an oscillating beam, Hydaralda's rubber track drive option handles with ease wet and rough ground conditions to often associated with new orchard developments offering extra traction, stability and safety for the operator.

Slew Platform
Shift sideways while working

the operator can slew the platform 45 degrees left or right of the centre without moving the chassis of the machine on the ground. a lever located in the front of the platform activates a hydraulic ram that significantly increases the working envelop.

Dual Speed
High Ground Speed

With the boom lowered, the operator can safely drive faster. Once the boom is elevated the Hydralada automatically switches to a slower ground speed.


The direct wheel drive system used on Hydralada provides very high torque for climbing gutters and kerbs. These large displacement motors offer long service life, excellent efficiency and require less horsepower to drive, hence the reliable Kohler petrol Engine is not working hard and is very fuel-efficient and quiet. The driver speed is infinitely variable to suit any operator’s ability or site conditions. Some machines are single or dual speed only.


Designed with the operator in mind, Hydralada addresses the relevant WH&S regulations for self-propelled elevating work platforms. This provides confirmation to an organization like yours where operator safety is paramount.


This combines automatic park brake systems and hillside restraint valves and eliminates the machine creeping when parked. This is an economical system which uses a replaceable brake wear ring to provide a failsafe locking brake. Hillside restraint valves control the machine in its dynamic mode, delivering an effective and easy to service package.

Twin Castor
More wheels on the ground

More stability than the standard single castor rear wheel, the Twin Castor option is often included with Tandem Four Wheel drive making for a truly versatile machine for working on sloping property.

Platform Tool Box
Carry Tools Safely

Hydralada's front and rear-mounted heavy-duty toolboxes are easily fitted t the platform. Effortlessly carry all the tools necessary for your job, keeping them close to hand - maximising efficiency and safety.

Steel Tracks
Traction and stability when needed

Steel tracks fit over the Tandem Four Wheel Drive and increase the traction of the machine. The additional weight also adds to the stability of the machine, ideal for working on steep orchards, and in rough ground conditions.

Freewheel Hubs

These quick release hubs allow the machine to be towed to a maximum speed of 30kph.

Padding Bar

This cushions the top of the cage rail. Made from heavy-duty vinyl.

Hydraulic slew cage

Slews the cage 45° each way.  Reduces cage lift height by 400mm. When this option is fitted to a standard 2WD machine, it is supplied standard with 70kg Chassis weights.

Picking Bags

Features a flared steel body, fully lined with foam rubber and heavy-duty PVC liner. Quick-release lynchpin type mount. Three bushels (54kg)

Insulated cage

Insulated cage for low voltage applications is built to comply with the Australian standard AS1418-10-96 part and are available in both fixed and slew configurations. Insulated oil outlets can be used to power Hydraulic equipment such as chainsaws and pruners.

Castor wheel

Hydralada has a ‘Dual castor’ option. This option is designed to reduce friction when Turing. Each caster wheel centre rotates around the central axis. It does not increase the stability of the machine but enables the caster wheel to swivel easily when under load. Reducing drive wheel skid with the boom in the fully elevated position. This option has proven great success for little extra cost. It has advantages over and above the standard single castor system.  

These features form parts of the overall Hydralada system of performance and quality.

Delmade has many years of experience with Hydralada in a variety of working conditions and has proven them to be long lasting, excellent value for money and of good strong construction and design. If you're interested in a fleet for your orchard we recommend getting in touch, there a wide variety of options available to suit many different situations and our team would be happy to take you through the range. 

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