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Delmade is proud to be the Tasmanian agent for the Schulte Range of Rock Pickers & Windrowers. These machines are built tough to last and have nearly 90 years of manufacturing experience backing up their design.

The Schulte range of Rock Pickers includes the 5000 Titan, the RS-320, the High Rise 8000 and 2500 Giant.

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5000 Titan Rock Picker

Build Bigger Rock Piles and increase your trailer Loading Capability

Spend more time picking and less time dumping with the enormous Schulte 5000 Titan Rock Picker. The huge 5cu yard bucket is the actual stone picking capacity. The Titan also features a 6.5’ tall dump height for larger rock piles and for truck loading.

This unit is equipped with big 22.5L x 16.1 14 ply tires for floatation to handle the loaded weight. A super-wide 7’ grate with wide or narrow spacing options, an adjustable rock deflector and larger, heavier duty springs and batts are standard.

Wide grate for minimum-till picking 450 BNH steel for heavy-duty windrowed picking Replaceable teeth

The Schulte 5000 Titan features a zero-maintenance Magnaloy Hytrel Flexible Coupler used between the motor and reel shaft. The coupler helps to extend the life of the motor by reducing loads on bearings and shafts. The coupler solves the alignment issue with a direct drive motor to ensure smooth performance for years to come.

RS320 Rock Picker

3.2 cu Yard Hopper for Superior Rock Picking Performance

Get your rocks picked faster with the Schulte RS-320 Rock Picker. The RS-320 features an extra-large 3.2 cu yard (2.43m3) hopper for greatly increased rock removal efficiency. The RS-320’s hopper has twice the capacity of an average rock picker hopper, which ensures that more time is spent picking rocks and less time travelling to the dump point.

The RS-320’s new T-iron tapered grate with 3/4” bottom and 1/2” top material virtually eliminates all small rock jamming.

Ideal for today’s zero-till market. The 48” grate will pick at least 50% less dirt and trash than most conventional reel-type models.

Large, floatation type, all-weather 16.5 x 16.1 tires are mounted on high capacity eight bolt wheels and hubs.

Large floatation tires Large 3.2 cu yard hopper Picks 2" to 28" rocks

The RS-320 Rock Picker employs Schulte’s exclusive floating, continuous conveyor pickup that produces a gentle picking action compared to reel-type machines and removes surface rock from 2” to 28” (50mm to 700mm) in diameter. A 48” long tapered grate, combined with a grated hopper bottom, assures virtually dirt free rock picking.
The RS-320 includes a standard four batt picking head, a standard built-in pivoting hitch, and a reversible hitch pole, which can be offset for field picking or centred for road transport.

A hydraulic drive system is standard and provides a cushioned drive that can be easily reversed. The Schulte HK340 Hydraulic Reservoir Kit is available as an option for tractors that may not have the hydraulic capacity required to operate the machine.

High Rise 8000 Rock Picker

Super Capacity for Productivity and High Lift Convenience

The Schulte High Rise 8000 Rock Picker is an efficient hydraulic drive reel type rock picker in high lift and semi-high lift styles.

This rock picker boasts a large 3 cu yard hopper. Full loads are supported by large 16.5L x 16.1 10 ply tires providing superior floatation and wear resistance.

An extra-long hitch pole is adjusted from transport to field position manually or with an optional hydraulic cylinder. The long hitch pole improves picking performance by positioning the rock picker grate to the side of the tractor for ease of visual picking.

Flow Control Kit - this kit has a 0 to 15 GPM flow control valve which helps to control the reel speed.

Optional CE Shielding Kit Standard grate & reel 1 1/2” spacing Optional
Round bar grated back bucket
Rubber bumpers for dumping into trucks Standard grate & reel 1 1/2” spacing Heavy-duty grate & reel 450BNH 1/2” spacing & replaceable teeth

Hydraulically driven using a rugged Char-Lynn 2000 Series hydraulic motor in combination with a flow control valve for reel speed adjustment and a crossover relief valve to cushion shock loads.

Durable tapered T-iron grates in various designs eliminate jamming while sifting soil. Grated hopper bottoms sift out the soil.

Heavy wire batt springs hold batts in place and cushion shock loads. Three batt reel with high trip clearance provides superior performance.

2500 Rock Picker

Rugged Reel Type Rock Picker in a Durable Package

The Schulte 2500 Giant Rock Picker is a hydraulically driven, reel type rock picker capable of picking 2" - 27" rocks with a 60" wide picking width.

Get your field cleared quickly with its large capacity 2.5 cu yard hopper. Less dirt will be present in your hopper with the 2500's grated hopper bottom and T-iron grates.

Various grate and reel options are available including a standard grate and reel for all-around stone picking, a minimum till grate and reel for picking in fields where you want to reduce trash and residue, and a heavy-duty grate and reel, designed to pick large and heavy windrowed rocks.

Heavy-duty batt springs Optional Reservoir Kit Optional CE Shielding Kit

Large 16.5L x 16.1 10 ply tires provide superior floatation and wear resistance under heavy loads.

The extra-long hitch pole allows the rock picker grate to be placed to the side of the tractor for visual positioning, helping to improve picking performance.


The Schulte Range of Rock Pickers is designed to suit a wide range of needs from those of large scale landholders to contractors. Give Delmade a call to discuss the best Rock Picker for your property. Delmade also offers the Schulte Range of Rock Windrowers which are ideal companions for the Picker Range. These units windrow scattered rock from 2”-25” diameter, forming them into neat, uniform rows ready for pick up by the rock picker. Having prepared rows will greatly reduce the time required to clear rocks and debris from the field with your rock picker.

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