Machines up to the task 💪

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With over 47 years of proven experience in the field Delmades local range of tillage equipment is legendary for its quality, reliability, and durability. Read on to discover the full range of crop management solutions...

Built for local conditions

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Delmade remains Tasmania’s only manufacturing tillage expert and the company’s quality line of Autumn planting & tillage equipment reflects just that. In demand, this season is the Gigante Seed Drill, the Delmade Subsoiler, the Delmade Offset Disc and the APV Pneumatic Seeder. These machines are flagship models in the Delmade & Maschio range.

Implements for easy flow

Implements for easy flow image

Effective irrigation is key to influencing the growth process and increasing yields. However, managing an irrigator can take serious work. This season Delmade has you covered with a number of options to help you manage your Pivots and retain or drain your water.

Gaspardo in-line direct Seed Drill - always at the cutting edge

Gaspardo in-line direct Seed Drill - always at the cutting edge image

The GASPARDO in-line direct seed drills are the product of recognized experience and accumulated know-how to which whole generations of both engineers and farmers have contributed over almost two centuries in the business. Today, GASPARDO offers a comprehensive range of direct seed drills to cater to the demands of farmers and contractors, with an array of highly adaptable products with plenty of configuration options that place seeding quality, environmental sustainability and return on investment above all else. Discover the range...

Hydralada - lifting your game

Hydralada - lifting your game image

The Kiwi designed Hydralada is first in its class as a tried and proven elevating work platform. Having been manufactured since 1975 using a very high standard of engineering and superior componentry. This commitment to quality combined with the unique features and high-efficiency operation has ensured that Hydralada is a leader in its field.  The remarkable Hydralada design with its smooth profile and low tail height has proved popular for a wide variety of uses. Discover the range here...

Schulte Rock Pickers - world class built to last

Schulte Rock Pickers - world class built to last image

Delmade is proud to be the Tasmanian agent for the Schulte Range of Rock Pickers & Windrowers. These machines are built tough to last and have nearly 90 years of manufacturing experience backing up their design. Discover the range here.

Introducing the 8 Tonne Tip Trailer - a heavy duty machine

Introducing the 8 Tonne Tip Trailer - a heavy duty machine image

Introducing the Delmade 8t Tip Trailer. A full-width heavy-duty machine. Delmade has over 47 years of experience building agricultural machinery and our Tip Trailers reflect that experience with there over-engineered heavy-duty frames and high load ratings. Discover the 8 tonne model here.