Delmade Tow & Blow - Use for more than just Frost Protection


The revolutionary Tow & Blow frost fighting machine makes its mark as an evaporative cooler and dust suppression device.

The efficient and affordable wind machine for temperature control and cooling & dust suppression.

Live Stock Cooling

Like humans, livestock need access to cool environments in the heat of summer. Heat stress can occur very easily in the warm summer months and many studies show direct correlations between heat stress and lost milk production and livestock death. 

The Tow & Blow offers an affordable solution to this expensive problem.

The unique design of this fan can provide effective livestock cooling. The ability to angle the impeller and horizontally oscillate the fan head for these applications allows for exceptional versatility and completely sets this machine apart from traditional fans. The option to include a water mist increases the effectiveness further.

Dust Suppression 

Another alternate use for the frost fighting machine in the summer months is dust suppression. The unique design of this fan can provide effective dust suppression on worksites and farms. The ability to angle the impeller, horizontally oscillate the fan head and include a fine water mist settles dust very effectively.

Dust on worksites dramatically decreases productivity. Using the mist function on the Tow & Blow effective dust suppression can be achieved very easily.

Interested in a triple-bang-for-your-buck, frost fighter, dust suppressor and evaporative cooler? Ask in-store about the revolutionary Delmade Tow & Blow... an investment you will never regret.

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