Right tool for the job - Rotor options on Rotary Hoes


Get the job done with the right tool!

Maschio's extensive range of Rotary Hoes are ready for any challenge. With over 50 years of in-field experience, these machines offer excellent seedbed preparation, fast sowing, uniform levelling and even germination.

An important feature of the MASCHIO GASPARDO rotary tillers is their versatility and ability to adapt. With an extensive range of rotors to choose from, Maschio will always find the right answer to your tillage needs.

There are three main rotors including the Standard, the Cobra and the Condor.


The Standard Blade rotor can accommodate 2 types of blades, C-shaped and L-shaped, designed for ultimate soil finishing and working crop residue into the ground.

Blades are arranged helically around the rotor, resulting in the blades entering the soil progressively and thus reducing power draw.

Tungsten coating on blades can be ordered as an optional extra, reducing their wear considerably.

Ideal for: Universal use


The Cobra rotor is used for work in hard, dry conditions, following ploughing or on compact soil.

The closely packed blades on the rotor ensure clods are broken down perfectly to a fine tilth, creating an excellent seedbed.

Ideal for: Hard dry soils

(Available on models SC, G, PUMA, PANTERA)


The Condor rotor caters to the requirements of all those farmers dealing with very stony ground as the special shape of the tools prevents the sort of damage the blades would normally be exposed to, minimizing the downtime that comes with replacing broken blades.

Ideal for: Stony ground

(Available on models SC, G, PUMA, PANTERA as a special order)

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