Maschio Power Harrows - a benchmark in their category


Maschio Power Harrows are a benchmark in their category: the experience of the brand has grown in many decades bringing farmers to choose great performance, reduced maintenance and best efficiency machines. Maschio range can match with all the users’ requirements: from the small machine for hobby farming or gardening to the big professional implement.

Rigid or folding frame Maschio power harrows cover a wide range of working width and power matching: from 3 to 27 ft, from 15 to 450 HP! According to every single customer need, a wide choice of rear roller models and optional features can complete the machine configuration.


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Maschio Group has incomparable experience in power harrows production: many aspects of its own construction philosophy makes machines sturdy, powerful and extremely easy to maintain. The wide diameter of toothed gears in oil bath guarantees a smooth and uniform power transmission. Upper and lower positioning of bearings to the gear confers outstanding stability to the rotor shafts and the lowest mechanical stress.


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Great clearance between upper and lower bearing: reduced load and excellent stability.

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No Stones, No Problems!

“PLUS” stone deflectors are bolted to the second skin and prevent any intrusion of stones or debris (straw or strings) in the room between rotors. The system offers total protection. Deflectors can be easily removed by a single bolt to improve soil flow under the machine in easier soils!

Delmade Maschio Power Harrows - No stones, no problems!

Easy Maintenance

The upper bearing has a protection plate that prevents, in case of bearing failure, the falling of the spheres between the gears. Its casing can be easily removed by 3 bolts for any maintenance operations.

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Safe and Light

The gear trough is made by a ¼ in. thick metal casing with high rigidity and resistance to torsion. Except for light duty models, all Maschio power harrows have a 1/5 in. thick second skin welded externally. This solution makes the structure extremely strong but also incredibly light, compact and with a low centre of mass at the same time: a unique design for these types of machinery!

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A Perfect Match!

Rotor shafts are processed by turning from a single forged piece of high tensile strength steel. All splining and threading are made by a pressing process which does not remove any material. Steel deformation process without metal removal improves resistance and precision of matching between mechanical components.

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High-Quality Lasts Longer

Forged Boron steel tines are processed in a highly robotized line. Their special profile allows getting a perfect seedbed refinement and an ideal mixing of small clods and fine soil on the surface. Tungsten carbide coated special versions are available to improve wear resistance in sandy soils.


Maschio power harrows are known for their strength and efficiency: all the power driveline was designed to reduce any loss and to fully exploit the tractor power.

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Central, side and transfer gearboxes are all designed to reduce inner gear friction and fuel consumption. Bevel gears have all wide diameter wheels with curved teeth: the larger contact surface makes more efficient power transmission. The oil cap includes a level measuring stick. The multispeed gearbox is a standard feature in many models and allows the user to adapt rotor revolution to operating conditions. With the right rotor revolution speed is possible to reduce fuel consumption or increase tillage intensity.

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“RAPIDO”, the patented quick tines release system, blade replacement quick and easy. A single central pin, built-in in the rotor support, locks the tines in working position. With the special key is possible to spring-release the pin and remove manually the blades. Comparing to the standard “cotter and pin” systems usually in the market, RAPIDO system prevents the likeliness to lose the cotter, the pin or even the tines when working on stony fields. Very large surface in contact between tines and rotor support reduces reciprocal plays and avoid wear of blade housing.

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The 250 mm reduced pitch between rotors (12 rotors in a 10 ft. machine) improves the quality of soil preparation and reduces the power requirement splitting torque into more units. Special rotors phasing makes tools enter gradually into the soil: tractor progression is easier and vibration are significantly reduced.

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