The time has come to lay some pipe!


The time has come to lay some pipe, the first things that spring to mind are the arduous hours to be spent running the pipe out ensuring that you keep it free from twists and Kinks – (The last thing you want to do is create more work for yourself because that kink you couldn’t avoid weakened the pipe, now there’s water everywhere and you have to dig it out and join it again.)

And let’s be honest it’s a minimum 2, maybe 3 person job. You need someone on the tractor and someone feeding the pipe a spotter/runner making sure it’s all flowing whilst everyone’s on their own job.  A couple of hundred metres down and now you have to get on the shovel to uncover the tail of the last roll and join it with the new roll.  

Once you’ve laid it all out, its time to track it back in! one more pass and you're done! – and this is a good day, the sun is shining and all is going well. Your pipe hasn’t jammed in the layer because the angles not right or kinked because you got a little lazy on the untwisting.

No matter which way you look at it no one’s getting pumped about laying pipe! What if there was an easier more cost-efficient way. Why not try it the Delmade way.

Pipe Layer

Our Ripper Pipe Layer has been tried, tested and refined over 10 years to ensure it does the job and Makes the Hard Work Easier saving you time & money. How would you measure the saving, Man and Machinery hours? OHS less Risk of injury or strain? Or Just the sheer pleasure of making a tough job a little less Tedious.

Let’s break down what a Delmade Ripper Pipe Layer can do for you.

  • Purpose Designed and built our Ripper Solid Steel Billet, 150mm x 50mm, our Mark II reversible ripper point gives you the strength and longevity you need in the field, measuring 230mm(L) x 100mm(W) and 16mm thickness it's ready to tackle the toughest of terrains.
  • The Pipe Layer is made from steel plate with a removable faceplate ensuring any jams or sticking of the pipe, is quickly and easily cleared. Unlike other brands using tubing which cannot be opened or viewed to clear, or rollers which when there is pressure on the pipe can cause kinking.
  • With a 200m roll of 2” pipe weighing over 100kg - Our hydraulic pipe reel takes the back-breaking work out of unrolling your pipe. Simply lower the reel remove the side and slide your roll on. From here the hydraulic ram can be used to lift the roll until you are ready to begin laying where it feeds directly into the layer unit. so there is no more trying to manoeuvre the roll halfway across a paddock, on and off the ute and when your roll runs out there is no need to Dig back to join pipes, we have a Delmade Pipe Layer to fit your needs simply join the two rolls and allow the unit to continue to feed the whole lot through
  • With a working depth up to 700mm, you can get the pipe right down to ensure there is no damage to the pipe during cultivation. Along with the added security of extra weight to keep pipe down in wet areas where your pipe may tend to float during extreme wet.
  • Add to all of this that these fantastic units are 100% Australian made in our factory, from fabrication to powder coating and assembly, we have control over the entire process to ensure the highest level of Quality Every time. At Delmade pride, ourselves on our customer service, ensuring we are with you every step of the way before and after your purchase. With after-sales service and parts, you can rest assured we will always be here to help.

Ok so let's recap it, you can do it in Less Passes, with Less Men less hours and Less physical Strain with a Delmade Ripper Pipe Layer So before you head out and do it the hard way, take the time to run some numbers and let us help you do it in the simplest, safest most time and cost-effective way.

Ripper/Pipe Layer vs TrenchersRipper/ Layers Vs Trenchers – Poly Pipe Installation.

There are many different ways to Install Poly pipe and let’s be fair they all have their place. But in some cases, you need to weigh up the pros and cons to see which unit will give you more bang for your buck. So how about we take a look at Ripping Vs Trenching.

Let's start at the Machine for the Job

The Delmade Ripper Pipe Layer is purpose-built solid steel billet 150mm x 50mm body and with that, you get twice the life out of our ripper Point as its reversible. So you’ve turned it and have completely worn out both ends it's still under $100 to replace, aside from this there isn’t a great deal in the way of “moving parts” that have the potential to cost you money down the track. The hard work is spread between your Tractors HP and the sheer build strength of the Ripper Pipe Layer Unit.

As opposed to trenchers where you are relying on these “moving Parts” to cope with all the hard work and pressure. Whether it be chain or flighted Auger trenchers, both have a lot more moving parts to replace. Auger driven trenchers are generally run via PTO, in hard going there is a lot of pressure on 3 main sections, the auger itself, the PTO Shaft and the PTO drive in the tractor. – what is the chance you can fix any one of those parts for under $100? And then there are chain trenchers – what doesn’t move… replacement chains, gearbox, hydraulic motor. Even if it’s just a blown hydraulic hose… can you get back up and running for under $100?


Workplace Health & Safety is such a huge part of our industry, statistics show that PTO shafts and Augers are two of the most dangerous pieces of equipment in our field. You can avoid all of that risk with the Delmade Ripper Pipe Layer, with No need for PTO drive or Auger. Not only that, but you can further reduce your likelihood of injury or strain by removing the manual handling of pipe rolls. With a 200m roll of 2” poly weighing over 100kg, there is no easy way to shift them around, add to this you need to keep them untwisted and avoid kinking when trying to unroll. With Delmade’s Ripper Pipe Layer you simply lower the reel and remove one side, slide your roll on and let the Hydraulic ram do the heavy lifting for you. Even hooking up your implements can be hazardous, lifting and balancing heavy trenching units or layers to get just the right spot to hook onto your linkage and get the PTO in place. The Delmade Ripper Pipe Layer has you covered there too, with two sturdy removable legs you can simply lower them down and the unit is left standing ready to back in and hook up right where you left it.

Time & Man Power        

If you want a truly accurate figure on what a job’s costing you, you need to break it right down and look at Labour costs, machinery costs and time costs. Most trenchers don’t come with a means of handling pipe so the first job is to manually roll out the pipe before you get started or to have a reel on the back of another vehicle either way that’s PASS #1. Then there is the Trenching that’s PASS #2 if the trencher has a layer you can get the pipe in on that same pass. Once the Pipe is in the ground you need to backfill, does the trencher leave the fill to one side of the trench or both? Maybe a grader blade to refill the trench? Therein lies PASS 3# and maybe PASS #4 if there is fill on both sides of the trench. Finally, you need to get the trench compacted to ensure your pipe doesn’t float equalling PASS #5.

5 Passes that’s a whole lot of tractor running costs and Labour hours for 1 - 2 people.

With the Delmade Ripper Pipe Layer, you can load your roll of pipe and rip it in (Joining rolls as you go and feeding them through the layer). PASS #1 with minimal ground disturbance you can then track back over your pipe run to recompact the soil and ensure the pipe is down and secure. PASS #2.  With 1 - 2 People.

The factors above take into account a reasonably simple scenario, the ground isn’t rocky and there is no chance of rain, when working with nature you can never be too sure what’s going to come your way. So before deciding if you are going to purchase a Ripper Pipelayer, take the time to look at your situation and the factors that will affect you and decide if you want to do it the hard way or the Delmade Way.

The Delmade Ripper Pipe Layer in Short;

  • Up to 5 Times Faster
  • No Lifting, Unrolling or Kinking of Pipe
  • Less Time outlay
  • Lower Running / Maintenance Costs
  • Less pasture Disturbance.

100% Australian made the Delmade Ripper Pipelayer is designed to save you time & money. Interested in a Ripper Pipe Layer? There are models available for every situation from the 105mm layer unit for pipe up to 50mm with fittings to the 150mm layer unit which can lay up to 125mm pipe. Then there is a range of reel sizes to allow for laying pipe up to 1 tonne in weight or 1km in length. Enquire now for a quote on the best unit for your property. Request a Quote.

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