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Editorial Published in the Tas Country Edition 2020-08-07

A well thought out Spring Tillage & Planting program is critical to ensuring a good harvest that is free from headaches. Making sure you have reliable and hardworking machinery ready to do the job will not only make everything so much smoother it will also ensure that when the optimal tillage or planting conditions are present you can get in and do the job with minimal fuss and great results.

Delmade’s local team has a heavy focus on manufacturing machinery to suit tillage and planting operations in Tasmania and greater Australia. Along with the Delmade range of equipment including Rollers, Offset Discs, and cultivation equipment like Scarifiers and Subsoilers. Delmade also offers the Italian Maschio Gaspardo Range of Drills, Power Harrows, Rotary Hoes, Speed Discs and the APV range of Air Seeders to local farmers.

Delmade's Maschio Gigante Drill Accessories

The Maschio Gaspardo Tillage and Seeding Range is new to the line-up of Delmade Equipment. The team at Delmade explain that the Maschio Range was chosen because of its quality and reliability. “Maschio Gaspardo has decades of agricultural manufacturing expertise and has invested in solid research and development to provide machinery well suited to Australian conditions. We considered that this made Maschio Gaspardo an excellent addition to our existing Delmade Range”.

Also new to the Delmade offering is the range of APV pneumatic seeders. The great thing about these seeders is they can be fitted to existing machines, including a range of power harrows, hoes, rollers, drills and cultivators offering a cost-effective means of establishing crops with fewer cultivation passes. Delmade can offer standard mounting platforms to suit Maschio equipment including the Veloce Speed Disc and DC/DM Power Harrows. Also, custom mounting platforms for existing machinery or Delmade equipment such as the Delmade Cultivator or Roller.

Maschio Gaspardo, Sold by Delmade

In the upcoming tillage and planting season, Delmade will be focusing heavily on the Maschio Gaspardo “Gigante Pneumatic Drill”. One of the star products in the Maschio Gaspardo Range. This advanced direct seed drill features a pneumatic seed and fertilizer distribution system. The drill is particularly well matched to local conditions, excelling in uneven terrain with a class-leading range of disc movement and a precise depth control.

Managing Director Rohan Cunningham explains why the single-disc system is perfect for conditions in Tasmania. “With minimal disturbance, it creates a fine tilth in the slot, for a perfect germination zone and a consistent firm closure, thanks to the independent press wheels.” Fully ISOBUS compatible, the Pressure Drill can provide maximum precision and efficiency using the standard addition of the Genius electrical drive transmission and the GPS speed detection system.

Maschio ISOBUS Genius Master Electronic Control

This upcoming season Delmade has all bases covered from ground preparation, to seedbed refining, seeding and then post-seeding soil care. So, if you are looking for equipment, you simply cannot go past the extensive Delmade range. The team are committed to backing up their promise to “Create and Sell Quality Agricultural Equipment for Australians on the Land”. They also promise to personally visit customers who purchase Delmade manufactured equipment to ensure it is configured to field conditions.

“Local built, local tough” that is what Delmade is about. The team are always happy to take calls on 1800 335 623 or if you'd like to browse the range, head to our product page.


Delmade - Supporting AUSTRALIA

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