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Delmade manufactures a range of Heavy Duty Rollers locally in Tasmania Australia. This range includes our renown Flat Paddock Roller, Impress - Hydraulic Down Pressure Roller, Ring Packer Roller, Cambridge Roller, Coil Packer Roller and Tyre Roller. Available with a range of options including end tow, manual transport wheels, scrapers, roller brakes, weight trays and platform seeders.

This article introduces common models and options available within our flat paddock roller range. For more information on other models available head to or give us a call on 1800 335 623.

Delmade Flat Roller

Introducing the Delmade Flat Roller Range - Our most popular rollers! Sizes range from 2.4m Upwards, Diameters 24" - 28"

The Delmade Flat Roller is our most popular roller make. Ranging in sizes from 2.4m up and in diameters of 24" to 48". The Delmade Flat Roller is designed with a thick wall drum to prevent denting and features plugs to water fill for more weight. The Delmade Flat Roller is available in a range of configurations including a standard single gang trailing configuration up to 4m wide. For a wider width, the Rollers move into a hydraulic folding system or a multi-piece configuration. Also available are options such as end tow kits, scrapers and weight trays. (Featured here with an extendable pole and covering harrows).

Multi-Piece Rollers

Delmade Multi-Piece Rollers

The multi-piece rollers are available as 2 or 3 piece models and feature a specially designed offset pole tow kit, for a larger working width and a narrow transport width. The offset pole tow kit is available in a manual or hydraulic configuration. These units are excellent for covering large distances in a smaller amount of time and are especially well suited to rolling when there is only a small window of time to roll a large acreage. They also have the added advantage of easily being able to go through narrow gateways.

Folding Rollers

Delmade Folding Rollers

The Delmade folding rollers feature three gangs with folding wings. These units have the same larger working width and narrow transport width as the multi-piece rollers. The key advantage being they hydraulically fold up and then tow on a wheel kit for transport from paddock to paddock or for multi-farm use.

Tow Options

There is a range of tow options available on the single gang Delmade Flat Rollers. The two most popular are the End Tow Kit and the Hyd Transport Wheel Kit, also available is the Manual Transport Wheel Kit.

End Tow Kit

Delmade Rollers - End Tow Kit

The End Tow Kit is designed into the roller frame. Featuring a heavy-duty frame and tyres along with transport locks and a pivoting drawbar. The main advantage of this tow kit is its extremely narrow transport width which offers easy transport from paddock to paddock or for multi-farm use. Because the roller is towed from its end, it significantly decreases the transport width, allowing accesses through narrow gateways and travel on roadways without piolet cars or escorts.1

Hydraulic Transport Wheel Kit

Delmade Rollers - Hydraulic Transport Wheel Kit

The Hydraulic Transport Wheel Kit is built into the roller frame, it is a direct tow design. Hydraulicly lifting and lowering to raise and lower the frame and wheels. The wheels on this model are inline to keep the transport width as narrow as possible. (Featured here with a Cambridge roller).

Manual Transport Wheel Kit

Delmade Manual Transport Wheel Kit

The Manual Transport Wheel Kit features a ratchet link to put the wheels down. The main advantage of this model is it can be retrofitted to existing roller units. With this design, the roller transport width is slightly wider than the rolling width. (Featured here with hydraulics, in lieu of ratchet links).

Roller Options

The Delmade Flat Rollers are available with a range of options including a Roller Scraper for use in wet sticky soils, a hydraulic roller brake for use in hilly areas and a roller stay infill (Stone Carrier) and Weight tray for increased weight. Also available are standard platforms or custom platforms for fitting seeders to provide a single pass experience.

Delmade Roller Options - Roller Scraper
Roller Scraper
Delmade Roller Options - Weight Trays
Weight Trays
Delmade Roller Options - Seed Box
Seed Box
Delmade Roller Options - Hydraulic Brake
Hydraulic Brake
Delmade Roller Options - 3PL Roller
3PL Roller
Delmade Roller Options - Impress Transfer Roller
Impress - Transfer Roller

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