Gigante Seed Drill - Maschio - A new updated design


Direct Seeding - Gaspardo Pressure

Rules for efficient direct drilling on no-till soil

    • High pressure on each unit.
    • Uniform seed path.
    • Aggressive cut even with lots of residue.

Benefits of Direct Seeding

    • Agronomics: higher fertility of the soil
    • Expenses: Reduce the cost and time of operations

What is the difference between conservative and conventional tillage?

    • Reduce machinery wear
    • Reduce labour, fuel and save time
    • Trap soil moisture and improve water availability
    • Reduces soil erosion

Gaspardo seeding unit strengths

  1. Clearance of the seeding unit (64 cm):
    • Excellent discharge of the residue through the elements
    • Great stability even in non-uniform soil conditions
  2. Adjustable pressure up to 200 kg on each unit
    • Always in contact with the soil
    • Adjustable through a spring based on the ground conditions
  3. Uniform seed depth thanks to the interchangeable depth limiter made in cast iron – resistant against corrosion
    • Highly precise seed depth
    • Best performance with different cultures and any kind of soil conditions. (moistures etc..)
  4. Seed covering wheel in cast iron resistant to corrosion and independent arm from the unit, so it is constantly in contact with the soil
    • More space to move and pressure
    • In uneven soil, it assures the blossom of the seed
  5. Distribute seed and fertiliser together

New Gigante Pressure works in extreme conditions

  • New Frame
    • Fewer bolts and nuts
    • The new design allows a better discharge of the soil and is easier to clean
  • New pressurised seed + fertiliser hopper
    • Improved efficiency (< HP)
    • Improved quality of distribution
    • Lower hopper centre of gravity so it can have greater stability in hilly applications
    • Distribution head positioned externally so it is more functional (more space in the tank and easier to wash)
  • Improved seed and fertilizer distribution
    • Pressurised tank
    • Resistant to dust and water
    • Easier to do the calibration
  • ISOBUS system available
    • Better use of the tractor technologies
    • Less cables
    • Possibility to work with GPS Systems
  • Updated seeding unit
    • Improved reliability
  • Reinforced
    • Protected greasing point
  • Easy Maintenance
    • Centralised Greasing

Can work in a broad range of conditions

High clearance for a more trash flow

Designed to work in hilly conditions with slopes

Advanced Hopper 

Hopper 3.414 L (70/30 split seed or fert in either side):

  • Easy access
  • Easy to load with a bag or auger
  • Design to have a smooth access from the hopper to the distributor
  • Folding step decreasing transport width.

Split Seed or Fertiliser either side

Easy and quick calibration

Gaspardo Seeding Units

The latest update of the direct seeding unit has been done thank to Maschio Gaspardo experience in developing conservative agricultural techniques. The changes have been involved in the new frame and the unit made the seeding more agronomically efficient.


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