Secure your Spring Build Slot - without spending a cent🚩


With the financial year-end fast approaching and the attractive $150k write off that everyone's been talking about, there's never been a better time to upgrade your farm machinery.

But the clock is ticking and you need to move fast 💨. That's why we've introduced an all-new pre-order program that means you can get your order in without spending a cent!

Worried about tying up capital? Choose from our range of attractive 100% interest-free lay-by options to secure machinery without spending a cent! ⬅️ Don't miss out...

We usually ask for a small deposit and a signature to secure forward orders this year we are offering generous lay-by terms that are 💯% interest-free and a delayed deposit system so you can order without paying a cent! (... call for more info)

It’s so easy to guarantee delivery of your equipment before the season starts and same goes for Spare Parts … it just doesn’t pay to get caught out… so please give us a call… ☎️ 1800 335 623

We can’t wait to help you get everything in order pre-season… talk to Delmade, we've been here for Aussies on the land since 1974!

Delmade Offset Discs - Make the most of the 150K Writeoff!


Delmade, Supporting Australia

We are proud of our durable and expertly designed equipment and our ability to provide outstanding service, back up spare parts and components and expert advice. Choose Delmade to ensure your machine is up and running when you need it!

Interested in our equipment? Head to to check out the full range or give us a call on 1800 335 623.

Delmade - Secure your pre-spring build slot without tying up your capital!
Please note: it may be a requirement that your asset is installed by a certain date to claim the write-off, please talk to your tax agent for clarification.