Walco Allspray 1200 - Use all year round


The Delmade Walco Allspray 1200 is a handy machine for use all year round on the farm. Designed to help save money by allowing fertiliser and nutrients to be applied as a liquid, the Allspray is sure to make your fertilising program more effective!

Applying Fert as a Liquid saves you cash

Delmade - Applying Fert as a Liquid as a Liquid Saves you Cash

The biggest savings from the Walco Allspray come from applying granular nutrients in a liquid form. The science behind this saving is actually pretty simple. To outline this we refer to an article by Jim Isleib of the Michigan State University. Jim reports on the Pros & Cons of Granular and Liquid Fertilizers1

"Although there is no difference in the total amount of nutrients supplied by either granular or liquid fertilizer for a specified plant nutrient application, there are differences:

  • Spatial: The distance from plant roots to fertilizer nutrients. Less mobile nutrients like phosphorus can’t get closer than the individual granule containing them. In liquid form, they are more mobile in the soil water solution.
  • Salt content: Granular fertilizers can be “hot.” Roots can steer away from a band of granular fertilizer that contains high levels of nitrogen and potassium. Liquids are often preferred for “starter.”
  • Consistency: The nutrient content is identical in every drop of liquid fertilizer, while granulars have individual nutrient components in each granule."

Jim then indicates a list of pros for both fertiliser types.


  • Ease of handling and application
  • Ease of blending
  • Uniformity of application
  • Starter and in-season application
  • Blend with crop protection products


  • Easier to store (does not “settle out” over time or “salt out” in cold weather)
  • More efficient for heavy pre-plant applications
  • Slow-release options (polymer-coated urea)

The striking statement after reading this list is that all the benefits of granular fertiliser can actually still be taken advantage of when using a Walco Allspray Unit. As the fertiliser can be applied suspended in a liquid.

Savings to be had

Delmade - Walco Allspread - Savings to be had!

Further benefits from owning your own liquid sprayer include the ability to run your nutrient program without being reliant on contractors and losing out valuable time in the busy season. Design your nutrient program for the needs of your farm not to suit your contractor.

The Walco Allspray allows unprecedented flexibility and time savings. Featuring a quick and simple load system and by being able to mix and apply herbicide, fertiliser and seed all at once.

You will also save on on fertiliser costs by applying as a liquid as you will get a greater take-up rate and germination rate from spreading seed in liquid.

The Walco Allsprays greatest asset is its simplicity. It makes what is traditionally difficult and expensive, simple and cost-effective. When calculated in $ the savings in time and nutrient costs allow for the purchase of a machine to be paid of in less than a year.

Customer Testimonials
Delmade Walco Allspray 1200 Customer Testimonials

I’ve done 120ha so far and it’s done well, the unit has a low centre of gravity and is stable on hilly ground, it's very user-friendly and great value for money compared with others in the market. It works well in a variety of applications, allowing me to easily mix and apply fertilizers and spray, it’s a great unit and I would happily buy another one.

G. Shea, Tasmania

Allspray 1200 Owner


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Delmade How to use your Walco Allspray 1200 all year round

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