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Delmade is proud to offer an all-new feeding solution "The Grainline Feed Out Trailer"! This versatile trailer is available as a 2 or 4 tonne unit with a range of handy options. Take the guesswork out of your feeding program. Designed to fill feeders, troughs and combines or trail feed in the paddock these machines will save you time & money.


  • All gravity feed system allowing for total cleanout & less moving parts resulting in low maintenance and zero contamination
  • Set & forget door system on split bins, allowing the operator to set a consistent flow ratio of products being discharged. The settings can be easily changed with zero waste
  • Door actuators and scales all powered through the tail light connection providing a simple and hassle-free connection
  • Hopper supported with a ring beam construction providing full and equal support all round for maximum strength and durability. The ring beam design allows forces to be distributed evenly, preventing cracking and fatigue over time
  • Italian made sealed reduction gearbox on lower auger drive for reliability and zero maintenance
  • Simple to use, high-quality Rinstrum brand X320 scale system IP66 rated (pressure washer proof)
  • Nylon door tracks to ensure consistently smooth and jam-free operation
  • Unique trail feeding door operation through pulsing of the vehicle brakes. This is backed up by a wireless remote control and manual switches

Models Available

2.5 Tonne (30 Bag) Feed Out Trailer including 3m x 5” Auger

Standard 2.5 tonne Bin Features:

  • 5.5hp Honda engine
  • Single 3 cubic metres bin
  • Rocker roller suspension
  • Hopper ladder 2-pack painted finish
  • Tarp cover with bungee straps

4 Tonne Feed Out Trailer 4 Tonne (50 Bag) Feed Out Trailer including 3m x 6” Auger

Standard 4 tonne Bin Features:

  • 5.5hp Honda engine
  • Split 5 cubic metres bin
  • Rocker roller suspension
  • Electric Brakes one axle
  • Hopper ladder 2-pack painted finish
  • Roll over tarp
  • 2 year warranty

Interested in the Grainline Feeder Range? Give the team at Delmade a call on 1800 335 623 for expert advice on the machine to suit your property.

Click here to view the 4.0 Tonne Unit

Click here to view the 2.5 Tonne Unit


We are proud of our durable and expertly designed equipment and our ability to provide outstanding service, back up spare parts and components and expert advice. Choose Delmade to ensure your machine is up and running when you need it!

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