Veloce Speed Disc - Versatility at the highest levels


DELMADE is proud to bring you the Veloce Speed Disc by Maschio. The Veloce Speed Disc is ideal for managing crop residues and refining the land to prepare the seedbed and bury liquid fertiliser.

Versatility at the highest levels

Multiple advantages for every needThanks to its impressive versatility and sturdiness, VELOCE can be used in any situation: from working stubble on hard ground to the burial of the cover-crop and refining the land after ploughing to ensure versatility all year round.  

Depth management

The front of the machine has a plate with a graduated scale clearly visible from the cab of the tractor that continuously indicates the depth at which the machine is working, thereby improving operator comfort.

Delmade Maschio Veloce Speed Disc - Depth Management
Delmade Maschio Veloce Speed Disc - No Imperfection

No imperfection

A new solution has been developed to improve lateral refining in tillage work: a square guard in place of the classic disc. It is easy to set and ensures complete retention even when large amounts of residue are involved. If the right settings are made before commencing work, no line or furrow will be seen between one pass and the next.

Hydraulic setting

The working depth is adjusted by the rear roller by means of a hydraulic system managed by the operator comfortably from the cab of the tractor even during the task itself, thereby making continual variations possible.

Delmade Maschio Veloce Speed Disc - Hydraulic Setting


Action in every Zone

Delmade Maschio Veloce Speed Disc - Action in Every Zone

Zone 1

Zone 1

The two 510 mm rows of discs mean that the soil profile can be worked to a depth of 10 cm. The distance between the two rows has been increased to 800 mm to ensure optimal soil flow even in the presence of residues, thereby allowing work-speeds of up to 15 km/h while perfectly mixing the soil and the residues.

Zone 2

Zone 2

The land worked by the two rows of front discs is compacted by the rear roller to ensure the best conditions for uniform sowing.

Thanks to the huge range of rollers available, a solution for every type of land is within easy reach


Effective Discs

An effective machine. - Featuring a range of design benefits that keep the machine in the field year-round.

Compact work front

The discs are mounted on independent suspensions and are spaced by 25 cm as well as staggered over the two rows to provide a very aggressive work front that at the same time ensures optimal flow of soil and/or residue in very work condition.

Delmade Maschio Veloce Speed Disc - Compact Work Front
Delmade Maschio Veloce Speed Disc - Oversized Discs

Oversized Discs

VELOCE discs are in high-strength boron steel to ensure the least possible wear even on tenacious ground. The 510 mm diameter ensures a work depth of around 10 cm that is ideal for burying residues as well as refining clods. Reduced convexity ensures great soil penetration simplicity on a par with the power absorbed.

AGRIHUB - cutting maintenance levels!

The hubs on each disc are hinged on special opposed taper bearings. The bearing is protected against dust, mud and dirt by a special gasket and a bolted cover to ensure maximum reliability. The hub is designed to ensure the best Performances and minimal maintenance: there is no need to grease the individual discs at regular intervals!

Delmade Maschio Veloce Speed Disc - AGRIHUB cutting maintenance levels
Delmade Maschio Veloce Speed Disc - Designed in the tiniest detail. No compromises!

No Compromises

To ensure maximum work quality above and below the surface, every disc is mounted on its own support with a "Silent Block" shock absorber. 

Designed in the tiniest detail

The disc support is designed to facilitate maximum soil flow inside and outside the disc, especially at high speeds. The slightly curved shape improves absorption of roughness for even better working stability.

Silent block

Optimal compromise between compactness, weight and performance, every VELOCE disc has a specific Silent Block shock absorber system: The 4 high strength rubber cylinders absorb flexibility to ensure stiffness across the entire set of disks and thereby the capacity to absorb land roughness. This system does not require any kind of maintenance and greasing.

Delmade Maschio Veloce Speed Disc - Silent Block Shock Absorber system


Rollers - Option for every situation

Ring roller and U roller

These roller models offer maximum in-use versatility, especially on a wetland that has to be levelled and consolidated without excessive compaction. Compact bands alternating with unworked bands are created on the ground that encourages the exchange of air and water while avoiding the formation of surface crusts or stagnant water.

Delmade Maschio Veloce Speed Disc - Roller Options:  Ring Roller and U Roller
Delmade Maschio Veloce Speed Disc Roller Options:  Cage Roller

Cage Roller

Ideal for dry ground, providing good refining and surface levelling. The ø 600 mm diameter is ideal for reducing excessive clods. The limited weight reduces the rear overhang for better hook-up with lightweight tractors.

Rubber Roller

Ideal for dry and even heavy ground; helps develop an optimal seedbed by creating a compact surface stratum. The moisture in the soil is trapped and allows rapid germination of the crop. It is especially indicated for sowing cereals with 12.5 cm rows.

Packer Roller

Ideal for dry and even heavy ground; the Packer roller helps develop an optimal seedbed by obtaining a compact surface stratum. After the pass, the soil retains moisture to promote rapid germination of the crop. 

Delmade Maschio Veloce Speed Disc Roller Options: Rubber and Packer


Veloce - options

Multi-purpose scattering

For sowing coverage crops in a single pass or to integrate nutrients, Maschio Gaspardo offers the application of a scatters sowing kit. The hopper (400, 500 and 600 litres) ensures reasonable work autonomy and - thanks to the rear access ladder - refilling is fast and safe. An interchangeable roller distributor is placed under the hopper to spread seeds or fertilizer. The electric or hydraulic doser can dialogue with the tractor's GPS for automatic dosing control.

Delmade Maschio Veloce Speed Disc Veloce Options. Multi-purpose Scattering.
Delmade Maschio Veloce Speed Disc Options: On Road Transport - 3m Version

On-road transport (3 metre version)

The outermost pairs of discs can be folded inwards during transport to ensure that
the equipment lies within on-road circulation limits. This solution was necessary in
order to allow an effective working width of 3 metres.


On-road transport (folding versions)

For on-road transport mounted and semi-mounted versions are fitted with hydraulic frame locking for an overall width of just 3 metres.

Delmade Maschio Veloce Speed Disc Options:  On-road transport (Folding Versions)


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