Whats a great tractor without great implements?


Editorial Published in the Tas Country Edition 2020-06-05

What’s a great tractor without great implements? Each year tractors get bigger, better, and more sophisticated. This means the machinery you’re pulling must also get tougher and stronger to keep up with the demand. If you’re buying a tractor or machinery this year make sure you think about this - If the equipment you’re pulling behind your tractor isn’t strong enough or built well enough to take the strain, then what’s the gain in having a big tractor?

Local manufacturer Delmade builds agricultural equipment in Westbury the centre of rural Tasmania. According to Director Rohan Cunningham, their equipment is seriously tough. “We have folding Offset Discs out there in the field with 16 or 17 seasons behind them and rigid sets with 25 odd seasons and they’re still going strong. We build our equipment to last and we build it to handle the big tractors we see out there today.”

Delmade has Folding Offsets Discs in the Field over 17 seasons old, and Rigid sets over 25. – Seriously Tough.

Delmade has been operating since 1974 and manufacturing its own range of agricultural equipment since 1982.  When former contractor and founder David Cunningham identified that much of the equipment working out in the field simply wasn’t up to the demands found in Tassie’s tough rural environment, the concept of offering Delmade equipment was born.

Today Delmade offers a large range of equipment designed for varying applications from broad acre farming to contracting and then to hobby or smaller acreage farms. The signature blue & yellow equipment is as Aussie as the ground it stands on and just like us Aussies, it is built to take hard work in its stride.

Left - Stood Destruction on an old sugarcane block.  Right - Ground that was disc before green manure planted.

The hallmark of the Delmade Range is the Wheeled Offset Discs. These units feature Oil bath bearings with duo-cone seals and are designed for longevity. Offset Disc Owner John Robson says. “We have cultivated approximately 2000 hectares of ground with the Delmade disc performing all tasks from stool destruction in sugarcane crops to ground preparation for peanuts, soybeans and green manure as well as fire breaks around fallow blocks of land. They have handled every situation with no problem at all… There has been no lost time due to break downs, bearing failure etc. during these cultivations.”

Delmade Disc Owner John Robson says "They have handled every situation with no problem at all... No Lost Time due to break…

If you’re looking for equipment to match with a new or existing tractor you simply can’t go past the Delmade Range. The team are committed to backing up their promise to “Create and Sell Quality Agricultural Equipment for Australians on the Land”. They also promise to personally visit customers who purchase Delmade equipment to help them set it up and make sure it is configured to field conditions. To take advantage of this service just give the team a call when you are ready to use your machine and they’ll set arrange a time to visit your property and get your machine working hard.

"Local Built, local tough" that's what Delmade is about. Delmade Offset Discs

“Local built, local tough” that’s what Delmade is about. The team is always happy to take calls on 1800 335 623 or you can put through an email on info@delmade.com.au.


Delmade, Supporting Australians

We are proud of our durable and expertly designed equipment and our ability to provide outstanding service, back up spare parts and components and expert advice. Choose Delmade to ensure your machine is up and running when you need it!

Interested in our equipment? Head to https://delmade.com.au/categories to check out the full range or give us a call on 1800 335 623.



Delmade - the same great service since 1974.  We are still local, family owned and 100% Tasmanian