Feeding Out? - Choose the #1 Solution for you


Delmade is proud to offer a range of good solid options for feeding out. From your everyday hay forks & silage movers to bale un-rollers, spinners & 3pl or trailing bale feeders. You name it we've got it!

Handling Range

Bale forks and soft arms are a must-have for moving bales on the farm. Delmade offers a range of options from our tough Delmade range to more standard duty options for hobby farmers and light use. The full range of handling equipment can be found at https://delmade.com.au/categories/material-handling or give us a call on 1800 335 623 for a specific product.

DELMADE Bale Fork (3PL)
Front End Loader Silage Forks
Round Bale Grab
DELMADE Twin Bale Fork


Bale Feeding Range

Delmade's range of bale feeding equipment includes the DELMADE 3PL Hydraulic Baler Handler a versatile and robust implement with several attachments making it ideal for handling and feeding out large bales. Linkage and trailing feeders designed for long-lasting durability and available with feed-out extensions also enable the feeder to throw out the shredded bale out beyond the track of the wheels, ensuring the cleanest feed for stock. Visit https://delmade.com.au/categories/stock-equipment-feeding.

Round Bale Grab
DELMADE Twin Bale Fork
Knuckey Trailing Twin Bale Feeder Model TTF 1000
Knuckey Twin Bale Feeder Model TTF 500


Grain Feeding Range

Grain feeding success is reliant on good storage and good distribution. Delmade offers a range of grain feeders with many features including, augers, scales, remote open shut doors and side or centre discharge feeding options. To enable you to get the absolute best result from the feed. Also coming up is the Delmade range of feeders. Phone 1800 335 623 for more info on this range or visit https://delmade.com.au/categories/stock-equipment-feeding.

Trail Feeder 2.5 Tonne with Auger
Trail Feeder 1.5 Tonne
Jacky Mobile Feed Trailer
Jacky Bin Side Discharge Hopper


#1 Feeding Solution for you!

Delmade is super pleased to be able to offer you feeding solutions that are proven in the Australian environment. This season choose a feeding solution that is 100% Australian made. Choose Delmade! 

We are proud of our durable and expertly designed equipment and our ability to provide outstanding service, back up spare parts and components and expert advice.

Interested in our equipment? Head to https://delmade.com.au/categories to check out the full range or give us a call on 1800 335 623.