VELOCE - Speed Tiller - Introducing the range


DELMADE is proud to bring you the Veloce Speed Disc by Maschio. The Veloce Speed Disc is a lightweight disc assembly ideal for managing crop residues and refining the land to prepare the seedbed and bury liquid fertilizer. Thanks to 800 mm of rank spacing, optimal soil flow is assured in every working condition.

Models Available

Fixed Frame
Folding Frame
Folding Frame

The Veloce is available in three configurations a mounted fixed frame, a mounted folding frame and a semi-mounted folding frame.

Mounted fixed Frame

Fixed frame versions are available measuring 2.5 to 4 m. Hydraulic adjustment of the standard roller makes it easy to achieve the correct work depth. Effective on the soil and efficient in the open field, they ensure optimal production capacity and reduced consumption thanks to high-speed operations of up to 15 km/h.

Veloce 3PL Disc Harrow
Model 250 300 350 400
Working Width (cm) 250 300 350 400
Transport Width (cm) 250 300 350 400
Number of Discs 20 24 28 32
Min HP 80 100 120 140
Max HP 90 110 130 150
Weight (kg) 1480 1665 1835 2005

Mounted folding frame

Folding models available from 4 to 6 m with hydraulic roller work depth adjustment are an optimal compromise between compactness and work capacity (up to 6 metres!).

Veloce 3PL Disc Harrow - Folding
Model 400 500 600
Working Width (cm) 400 500 600
Transport Width (cm) 300 300 300
Number of Discs 32 40 48
Min HP 120 150 180
Max HP 160 200 240
Weight (kg) 2690 3065 3380

Semi-mounted folding frame

The semi-mounted model is the version complete with transporter carriage for 4 to 6 m versions. Convenient and easy to handle, it allows combination with less powerful tractors. Even greater freedom of movement means that the disc set can better follow the profile of the land to ensure optimal working.

Veloce Semi-Mounted Disc Harrow - Folding
Model 400 500 600
Working Width (cm) 400 500 600
Transport Width (cm) 300 300 300
Number of Discs 32 40 48
Min HP 100 125 150
Max HP 160 200 240
Weight (kg) 3190 3710 3990


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