The Delmade Bulletin - Autumn Edition 🍂🍁



It's been an action-packed couple of months since our last edition of the Delmade Bulletin. We've aimed to keep it short and sweet but, with all the activity we might have got a little carried away! (I'd suggest grabbing a beer or brewing a good cup of coffee before you sit down to read this one...)

In this edition:

Update on Delmade Demo Day

  • Introducing Tasmanian Powder Coating aka TPC
  • CAD Technology, paving the way forward in designing our machinery
  • Governments new $150k Instant Asset Write-Off

 The Delmade Bulletin - Reflecting on the March Demo Day - Maschio and Delmade Working Examples


March 10 & 11 saw the eagerly awaited Delmade Demo Days. After weeks of preparation, it was great to finally see the tractors in action and the machines out there working it up. The weather kindly gave us a super sunny Tuesday and Wednesday and boy did we make use of it! We turned up the soil on most of our demo paddock with a great range of machines and tractors.

If you were flat out and didn't make it in we're more than happy to send through footage of the action. Just pop through an email or give us a call. Also keep a lookout on Youtube and Facebook, video + photos of the day will be hitting the deck very soon.

We couldn't have hosted this day without the generosity of the farmers and contractors who lent tractors including P.R. Fish & Sons Pty Ltd, Saltmarsh Contracting and J.K. & C.E. Firth.

Delmade Demo Day - Quick Recap Video

Delmade - Maschio Gaspardo UFO Speed Disc Pulled by a John Deere (March 2020)
Delmade 13 Tyne Scaifier Pulled by a Kioti - (March 2020)
Maschio Gaspardo UFO Speed Disc pulled by a John Deere.
Delmade 13 tyne Scarifier pulled by a Kioti.
Maschio Gaspardo SC Series Rotary Hoe hard at work - March 2020
Delmade 850 Series 32 Plate Offset Disc doing its thing - Delmade Demo Day March 2020
Maschio Gaspardo SC Series Rotary Hoe hard at work.
Delmade 850 Series 32 plate Offset Disc doing its thing.

Delmade Tasmanian Powder Coating - Logo


Recently we have also moved into a new service area and are now proudly offering Powder Coat Finishing under a branded service 'Tasmanian Powder Coating' aka TPC. We are seriously proud of the finish on our machines and how long they last in the field and we wanted to be able to share that with other industries.

We're still growing the service and working on new ideas but even now its hands down the best finishing offering in Tassie.

Check it out at our website or jump on to Facebook for all the latest.

Tasmanian Powder Coating (TPC) Delmade - A Custom Built Ute Tray recently put through our plant
Tasmanian Powder Coating - A Delmade Rut filer getting a zinc primer coat to prevent rust
A custom-built ute tray recently put through our plant.
A Delmade Rut Filler getting a zinc primer coat to prevent rust.

 Delmade Finite Element Analysis - CAD Technology - paving the way forward


Meanwhile, in the workshop, we are proud to be using new CAD technology to assist with drawings. We're currently working hard to update all of our drawings so we can pump the machines out faster and more efficiently, whilst giving the absolute best final product.

One of the impressive features of the new software is the ability to complete stress testing. This allows us to ensure there are no weak points in the design and trial our new designs electronically before they move into field testing.

Find out more on our article with full details.

 ANNOUNCING: Government Stimulus Package - How can you take advantage?


What a great way to begin Autumn with a stimulus package from the Government announcing that the current $30k tax write off will be moving to $150k write off.

What the change means for you: This change means that large assets and infrastructure can now be instantly written off including large folding or rigid equipment like Offset Discs, Farm Trailers like the Dooley Bale Trailer & Flat Trailer and Maschio Equipment like Rotary Hoes, Power Harrows, Mulchers and Speed Tillers, in addition, the Maschio Gaspardo Gigante Seed Drill will also be eligible under the new rules.

There's only a short window until June 30 to take advantage so make sure you head to the article on our website to check out the details or ask in-store how we can help you save!

 Delmade Demo Day - Tractor Line Up

In closing, it's been a busy and productive summer for us at Delmade and we hope your summer has been just as busy. We look forward to an excellent Autumn, we've got a plan in place to push through this current pandemic gripping our country and we're all doing out bit for Australia. We are always here to help our if you've got questions, need machinery or parts fast, just give us a call. We are still out there supporting our customers and no matter what we will always be just a phone call away. So here's to life on the land and here's to Australia! 🍻


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