On Farm Gigante Seed Drill Demos


The new Gigante Seed Drill Demo Unit is now touring Tasmania for on-farm demos.

After an excellent run at the March Delmade Demo Day, the unit will now be going out for trials on various properties around the state.

If you're interested in the Gigante Seed Drill this is a perfect chance to see the unit on your property, working in your ground and performing at 100% capacity.

Contact Delmade on 1800 335 623 to arrange a Demo on your property. Our trained experts will come along to set up and run the drill with your tractor ensuring you can get a real feel for the unit's performance.

If you'd like Delmade to give you a callback and arrange a time to visit your property fill out the form below and we'll be in touch.

Check out full specs and more information on the drill at Gigante Seed Drill Spec Page & Gigante Seed Drill Editorial.

Delmade will be running on-farm demonstrations of the Pressure Drill throughout the state in March, April and May. Don't miss out give us a call on 1800 335 623 and we'll get something organised so you can see the machine in action.

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