Take Control Now - reduce your fuel load for summer


Don't get caught out this summer. Reduce your fuel load early to ensure your property is safe.

Take action with these 4 key steps and make sure you have a plan if the unforeseen happens.

1. Slashing / Mulching

Take the time to slash or mulch tall dry grass around the property. Don't forget laneways or grass around scrub and bush. Dry grass is really flammable in summer, it's important to take measures to eliminate as much dry scrub and grass as possible.

Slashers are excellent for covering large areas at a fast pace where a fine mulch is not required.
Mulchers are ideal for use with, Grass and Lawns, Scrub and Brush, Crop Residue and Prunings.
 Get Ready for Summer: Delmade offers HD Slashers for the tall, dry grass - reduce the level of fire risk at your property.  Get Ready for Summer: Delmade offers Mulchers to assist in the removal of dry scrub around your property – reduce fire risk!
2. Stick Raking / Burn Off

Rake up fallen sticks, leaves and other dry flammable material. Secure a burn permit and safely burn it off. Also, take the time to backburn and plough your fire breaks to ensure your property is protected.

Log Grab
The ideal implement for raking up sticks, prunings and general trash.
Suitable for transporting and clearing up logs and branches.
 Rake up prunings, stick and general trash with an Australian Made Delmade Stick Rake

Clear up your land and prepare for summer with an Australian manufactured Log Grab.

3. Clearing flammables from sheds

Clear out the shed, over time flammables can easily build up in workshops and sheds. Take some time to sort through the gear in the shed and where possible remove anything flammable or at least secure it. Also, take a look around the property and remove any diesel drums or other flammables that may be lying about.

Delmade – be ready for summer! Remove or at least, reduce the amount of flammables lying around in Workshops and Sheds

4. Organising/servicing fire fighting equipment

It is critical that fire fighting equipment is ready to go when needed. Ensure all fire fighting equipment is serviced and ready to go. Replace or repair dam pumps and ensure hoses haven't sprung any leaks.

Walco Allspray 1200 Liquid Fert Sprayer doubles as a Fire Fighting Unit
Fire Fighter, 1200 Litre, 3" Honda Suction + Pressure pumper with 16-meter boom coverage.
Excellent performance and versatility.
Delmade - Be Ready for Summer! The Walco liquid fert sprayer could play a role in your fire fighting/protection plan!

Make a plan now and ensure you have all the gear to keep your property safe this summer. To help you fight nature this summer we are offering delivery to your door on stock units in Tasmania. Call now for a quote, 1800 335 623!

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