Slashers & Mulchers, introducing the range


Wow, what a start to the grass season. Our yard is full of Slashers, Mulchers and Mowers. It's a great feeling to look across those shiny new units and know that they'll be ready to hit the grass in the coming months. With all these options available it raises the one big question every farmer must ask, which unit is right for me? Let's start by walking through the range. Then we advise you to head to our article on how to buy the perfect slasher!


At Delmade we like to split the range into two distinct machines. The mulcher and the slasher. We carry a range of options for each line and aim to stock spare blades and components where possible. With such a huge range we can't promise we'll have the part you need in stock. So we do advise that you check your unit prior to grass season to make sure we can order any parts in good time.


Mulchers cut grass, crop residue/prunings into fine, pieces.  Then spread over the soil. Mulchers are available from Delmade.

A Mulcher is specially designed to cut the grass, crop residue or prunings into very fine small pieces. This allows the material to be applied as a layer across the surface of the soil. The mulch then breaks down over the topsoil providing the benefits of soil moisture conservation, improved soil health resulting in a germination rate increase and reduced weed growth.

Agronomic Advantages of Mulching:

  • Mulches crop residue to a fine consistency
  • Shreds prunings and breaks their fibres
  • Residues easier to work into the soil
  • Improved microbial breakdown
  • Produces organic material
  • Improves soil fertility
  • Weed control
  • Insect and fungal disease control

The Delmade Mulcher range comprises of units from the rigid 1.4m units up to the folding 5.0m units, with the option of a high or low body on most units. These units are gearbox rated from 35 to 300 horsepower so can be matched with most common tractors.

Mulchers are ideal for use with:

  • Grass and Lawns, for a clean, even cut and uniform height
  • Scrub and Brush, for managing vegetation including grass, brush, leaves, fibrous and woody stalks, even with sizeable diameters
  • Crop Residue, for a large amount of crop residue and a fine mulch
  • Pruning, for handling woody material breaking the fibres to improve decomposition rates
Chiara Series Mulcher
Tigre Series Mulcher
Tornado Series Mulcher
 Delmade Featured Units: Maschio Chiara Series Mulcher (50-90 HP)  Delmade Featured Units:  Maschio Tigre Series Mulcher - 55-140 Hp  Delmade Featured Products:  Maschio Tornado Series Mulcher 90-140HP


Delmade's Slasher Range starts of with a light, 40Hp unit through to HD/Contractor units available up to 6m working width.

Slashers are versatile units which can be used for most applications on farm. Slashers are excellent for covering large areas at a fast pace where a fine mulch is not required. This makes them ideal for applications such as topping off a paddock, cleaning up laneways, slashing along fence lines and preventing fire and animal hazards.

The Delmade slasher range starts off with the light TA Series by Berends. This unit is excellent for grass and light work with a 40HP gearbox and a range of models from 1.3m to 1.4m working widths. The range increases in gearbox rating and strength of build, up to contractor models which are available fully galvanised up to 2m working widths and then twin-rotor units up to 3.6m working width.

If you have a large area of grass to maintain then the range moves into the Rhino series with up to 6m working widths. The Rhino series are available with a galvanised deck and feature an incredibly smooth and obstruction-free deck for easy cleaning and maintenance.

Standard Duty Slasher
Heavy Duty Slasher
Contractor Slasher
 Delmade Featured Units:  EP Slasher - Medium Duty, to suit most small to medium tractors  Featured Products:  Heavy Duty Slasher available in different working widths.  Delmade Featured Products: Warrior Slasher, strongest slasher in the Berends Range.  Also available as a contractors model.
Rhino Flex-Wing TS Series
Le-Series Slasher
 Delmade Featured Units:  Rhino TS Series Flex Wing Slashers - 3.6m working width, Galv or Painted Finish  Delmade Featured Units: Le-Series Slasher  100HP Gearbox 1.5m, 1.8m, 2.0m working width Cat I & II to suit 30-70 HP Tractors

Do you want to be a cut above the rest? Choose a slasher, mulcher or mower from Delmade. We are proud to provide outstanding service, back up spare parts and components and expert advice. Choose Delmade to ensure your machine is up and running when you need it!

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