Maschio Gaspardo Speed Discs, full range


DELMADE is proud to partner with Maschio Gaspardo to provide a range of Speed Discs for operations where speed and topsoil tillage are critical.

Maschio's range of Speed Discs provides a strategic solution for the management of surface residues and alignment of land at depths between 10 and 15 cm. The range comprises 3 models: VELOCE, UFO -trailingUFO - 3pl and ADMIRAL. All models feature a high gap between the element and the carefully designed spaces of the frame, thereby allowing work speeds be-tween 12 and 15 Km/h to the benefit of efficiency and operating performance.

Agronomic Benefits
Incorporation of residues

Unlike conventional tillage, using a disc assembly limits soil turning only to the top 10-15 cm, thereby ensuring an increase in organic substance on the surface. The surface residue is cut and re-mixed with the soil to create an optimal environment for the development of micro-organisms and improvement in soil fertility.

Resetting the structure of the soil 

In the long term, working only a single stratum active to a depth of 15 cm also improves the structure of the soil, making it richer in Organic Substance: The land thereby becomes ideal for easier refining as well as for the development of crops.

Weed control

To achieve the maximum potential yield, the growth of weeds must be fully controlled while using the least possible chemicals to ensure economic and environmental savings.

Economic Benefits
Higher profitability 

Efficiency, versatility and lower consumption are the features shared by Maschio Gaspardo disc systems built in close cooperation with farmers: in this way, minimum tillage concepts are merged to reduce management costs and processing times.

The Range

VELOCE - Surface disc cultivator speed disc

Delmade Maschio Gaspardo Range:  Veloce - Surface Disc Cultivator Speed Disc

VELOCE - fast in name and fact! The VELOCE is a lightweight disc assembly ideal for managing crop residues and refining the land to prepare the seedbed and bury liquid fertilizer. Thanks to 800 mm of rank spacing, optimal soil flow is assured in every working condition. Available configurations include.

Mounted, fixed frame

Fixed frame versions are available measuring 2.5 to 4 m. Hydraulic adjustment of the standard roller makes it easy to achieve the correct work depth. Effective on the soil and efficient in the open field, they ensure optimal production capacity and reduced consumption thanks to high-speed operations of up to 15 km/h.

Mounted, folding frame

Folding models available from 4 to 6 m with hydraulic roller work depth adjustment are an optimal compromise between compactness and work capacity (up to 6 metres!).

Semi-mounted, folding frame

The semi-mounted model is the version complete with transporter carriage for 4 to 6 metre versions. Convenient and easy to handle, it can be used with less powerful tractors. Even greater freedom of movement means that the disc set can better follow the profile of the land to ensure optimal working.

UFO TZAR -Heavy-duty disc cultivator speed disc

Delmade Range of Maschio Gaspardo Speed Discs: UFO TZAR Heavy Duty Disc Cultivator Speed Disc

Residue... NO PROBLEM! The UFO is the speed disc for intensive work on land and residue. The sturdy structure together with a 610 mm disc set ensures improved application versatility in reaching a working depth of 15 cm. Available configurations include.

Fixed frame 

Available with working widths of 2.5 to 4 m, the fixed frame UFO model ensures excellent performance thanks to its tubular structure combined with a broad spacing of disc ranks.
All fixed models are equipped with oscillating springs having a cross-section of 40x40 mm.

Folding frame

UFO is available as a semi-mounted or towed folding version of 4 to 6 m in width. Maximum productivity thanks to high work speeds and a working width of up to 6 m.
The entire range is equipped with C-shaped spring supports having a cross-section of 80 x 20 mm.

ADMIRAL - Heavy-duty disc set speed disc

Delmade's Range of Maschio Garpardo Speed Discs:  ADMIRAL - Heavy Duty Disc Set Speed Disc

A unique version for important requirements
ADMIRAL is only available as an 8.50 m version capable of meeting the needs of farmers in very demanding conditions of use. 

  • Broad free space between discs: high versatility
  • High clearance maximum flow
  • 4 rows of discs for intensive soil refinement
  • Large diameter discs: complete burial of residue
  • Combined rear section (toothed harrow + roller): optimal levelling

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