Maschio Mulchers, for performance in any condition


Delmade is proud to partner with Maschio Gaspardo to bring Tasmania a wide range of mulchers. Maschio mulchers feature a large range of models and sizes to suit every application from compact and light machines for green area maintenance to professional straw choppers.

Maschio mulchers are designed and manufactured with the best technology to offer high performance and reliability in the field. Quality is guaranteed from the first choice of raw material to the state of the art manufacturing process. To reduce vibrations, power absorption and extend the life of the machinery, every single rotor is electronically balanced with a specially designed state of the art machine.


Maschio Mulcher Design Features: Mechanical/Hydraulic Offset, Adjustable skids, wear resistant sheet metal and more!

Maschio mulchers are renown for their logical and user-friendly solutions which ensure the machine will stand the test in the field with minimal daily maintenance. These machines are developed with a particular focus on sturdiness, featuring the following design elements.

Maschio Mulchers - Hot Pressed Steel Rotor Mounts

The extra strong rotor mounts are made from hot-formed steel and are mounted inside the endplate to protect the bearings. This makes the mulcher much stronger than competitors' versions which typically feature externally mounted covers.

Maschio Mulchers, Barrel Roller Bearings

The HEAVY-DUTY bearings ensure unparalleled reliability and peace of mind. The special "barrel" race is designed to withstand punishing radial loads and knocks, offering unbeatable strength to handle with even the toughest jobs.

Forward PositionMaschio Mulchers, for Performance - Superior Mulching Chamber - Forward Position    Backward PositionMaschio Mulchers, for Performance - Superior Mulching Chamber - Backward Position

Designed and engineered to deliver unbeatable efficiency for a fine mulch even when working at higher speeds. The welded counter blade, found on all models, ensures material is cut cleanly.

The rear roller can be adjusted to two configurations (forward and back). The former ensures a constant cutting height and self-cleaning effect, while the latter position - used with collecting rakes - allows the residue to be mulched into finer pieces before conveying it under the roller.


Maschio Mulchers, for Performance - Belt Tensioning System that is Practical and Efficient

Drive belts can be tensioned simply and easily by means of a practical external screw system. All implements are fitted with toothed belts that, unlike plain belts, prove more effective and offer greater performance.


Maschio Mulchers, for Performance in any condition - Minimal Vibration Hammer or Blade Rotor

The rotors are designed to improve mulching efficiency and minimize vibrations and power draw. The design of the tools in 8 rows in a helical arrangement creates a more consistent power draw. The anti-collision rotor prevents damage of any kind in the event the tools are hit by stones or debris.

Quality Innovation Reliability
Each rotor is electronically balanced  New and best practice production standards used Extreme build quality
Every single mulcher is inspected and tested Advanced technologies applied Low maintenance
Superior resistance to wear Continuous research into new automation and mechanics Prompt and efficient customer support

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