12 Reasons why a 'WeedSwiper' is the best weed control machine!


Features and benefits

There are a number of benefits of wiping over spraying which are common to all wipers. The ability to work in windy weather, the ability to wipe tall weeds without disturbing the desired under-storey, and the ability to wipe near sensitive plants for example.

However, there are other benefits which are exclusive to the Weedswiper which make it the "Rolls Royce" of wipers.

1. Exclusive "Hydrostat" electronic control system = no drips (unlike some rotary wipers which drip when they stop)

Still the only wiper with a true "supply on-demand" controller. Easy to use. Accurate and sensitive for minimum herbicide use. Saves time by ensuring enough herbicide is wiped on the first time, to give a good kill. Saves money because herbicide does not drip from an over-saturated wiping element and pasture is not damaged. The Weedswiper can travel at variable speeds without the operator having to continually check and adjust the flow rate.

2. Wide range of mounting options, working widths and transport options available.

Linkage sizes of 3.0m, 4.1 m, 4. 7m and 6m. All linkage machines can be fitted with wheels and drawbar kits. One or both outriggers can be easily removed for adjustable width of coverage.

3. Stainless steel pad clips

Pad clips which do not corrode allow the pad to be removed for storage or replaced quickly. Different pads can be used for different chemicals to minimise the risk to sensitive crops.

 4. Synthetic industrial quality felt pads

Unique R 12 pad material has a woven nylon core through which is tufted fine synthetic fibre, making it hard-wearing and extremely resistant to tearing. The material is designed to hold the fluid until the pad touches a target and then give it up quickly so that a good dose of herbicide is applied to the targets.

5. Springloaded outriggers

Outriggers which can swing back more than 90° if an obstruction is hit, yet still return to the work position automatically, allowing safe working near fences and trees, saving time and prolonging the life of the machine.

6. Versatile mounting options

Some versions can be front or rear-mounted. Being mounted, the Weedswipers are more maneuverable than trailed machines.

7. Boom safety covers

Bags to cover the boom during transport and storage eliminate the risk of workers, children or animals coming in accidental contact with chemicals in the pad.

8. Powder-coated finish

A quality finish of powder-coated plastic over grit blasted steel is designed to give a longer working life compared to painting.

9. Quality pump

The long-life pump is solid-state electric. Plastic wetted parts eliminate internal corrosion.

10. Versatile application

A wide range of weeds can be wiped. Choose the herbicide to suit. Brushoff™ is not filtered out by the Weedswiper's pads. Common weeds easily and effectively controlled include: ragwort using Lontrel™, or a mix of Lontrel and Brushoff; thistles (Lontrel) bracken fern (Brushoff and/or glyphosate) rushes (glyphosate). IMPORTANT: Only Roundup is registered for use through wipers.

11. Longer life than rotary weed wipers

No rotating parts to wear. No drum to rust internally as a result of using glyphosate. 

12. Warranty

 A twelve-month warranty covering both parts and labour is offered on the electrical components.

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