Grainline Remote Control Doors


The Grainline Remote Control Door System was developed in answer to the need for a more efficient and easier way of filling Air Seeders. By fitting one to your tipper, this not only utilises your existing equipment but also enables you to load seed and fertilizer quickly, allowing you to sow more acres each day.

The completely wireless remote control system uses two 12 volt linear actuators to operate the doors. Lights on the face of the control box indicate which door is operating when it’s in use. Farmers throughout Australia have proved these invaluable over the years as a safe and efficient way to fill seeders, allowing them to “fill more hectares on a box full”.

Delmade offers the Grainline Remote Control Door system to provide a more efficient and easier way to fill air seeders.

Once on the Air Seeder platform, the Grainline Remote Control Door System can be opened and closed with the press of a button, revolutionising this into a one man operation. This also allows for a door to be partially closed to make for more accurate filling.

The hand held remote puts you in control from the moment you approach your grain and fertilizer truck, allowing you to switch on the LED work light from 50, and even up to 100 metres away, so that positioning your tractor and Seeder at night becomes an easier operation.

 “Night work is excellent with the lights both on the remote and the back of the truck” explained NSW farmer Dave, “lighting up the work area, therefore making it safer”.

“By installing V-form divisions in your tipper and running transfer tubes down to your Rota door you can set up your tipping truck to carry 2 or 3 different products”. Utilising the Remote Controlled Door system can save time, increase productivity and minimise the risk of accidents.

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