Walco Allspray - for the application of liquid fertiliser


At Delmade we believe in Australia’s future as a dairy provider. That’s why we are constantly moving to develop new products and innovations for the dairying and agricultural sector. We understand that good pasture growth is key to high milk yield. Our newest product release the Walco Allspray 1200 reflects this as it helps you spread your fertilising dollars further, increase your pasture growth and maximise your milk yield.

The all-new Walco Allspray 1200 is designed to deliver liquid fertiliser straight onto the foliage for speedy uptake. It is also ideal for the application of fine particle products, such as lime, small seed (clover, turnip) or animal health products.

Designed with simplicity, reliability and user-friendliness in mind. The Allspray can be towed behind a variety of vehicles including a 4WD Ute, SUV or Tractor. Built to last in the tough and corrosive Australian environment the Allspray features a strong galvanised steel frame, stainless steel pipes and a UV resistant polyethylene tank.

The Allspray allows the farmer to reap the benefits of applying fertiliser in liquid form, which has been well proven across the years. In fact, field trials on wheat have shown ‘significant grain yield responses to liquid compared with traditional granular forms of P fertiliser.’ (2005, AJSR)1

The new Allspray makes it surprisingly cost-effective and simple to apply liquid fertiliser. It features a powerful 3” pump designed to easily mix and continuously agitate the fertiliser mixture. The user can also remotely control the spray valves and with a spray width of 16 metres, the machine can cover 1 hectare in just 2½ minutes (driving at 15 km/hr).

The Allspray can also be used with a suction hose for quick and direct loading out of a dam, stream or effluent pond. With various nozzle sizes to suit spraying needs, it can be fully customised to suit the job at hand.

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1 McBeath T. M., Armstrong R. D., Lombi E., McLaughlin M. J., Holloway R. E. (2005) Responsiveness of wheat (Triticum aestivum) to liquid and granular phosphorus fertilisers in southern Australian soils. Australian Journal of Soil Research 43, 203-212.