Unraked Stones could leave you Stoney Broke


If you sit down and work out what it costs you in unproductive land area, ruined mower and slasher blades, broken cultivator and ripper tines, bent axles, failed bearings, torn fingernails, and frayed nerves, you're more than likely to conclude it's just not worth it to work around those rocks anymore!

Especially when you discover a machine that is as effective, robust and simple as the Schulte Rock Windrower.

Like all products Delmade offers, the Schulte Stone Rake does exactly what it is designed to do, efficiently, effectively and economically. Here is an implement that not only rakes and windrows stones, but levels, grades, breaks up clods, cleans up debris, and leaves a clean tilth.

With a heavy wall tube drum featuring rows of large, wear-resistant teeth fully welded in spirals along its length, efficient windrowing is further guaranteed by its contra rotational action. This allows the tines to penetrate the soil and fork out the unwanted stones and debris. Along with this combing effect which creates neat, easily removed uniform rows of rocks ready for pick-up.

In addition, the grading effect can be enhanced by utilizing the separate hydraulic circuits that control adjustment on both the large wheels and floatation tyres. This allows the tilt of the drum to be altered whilst on the go, and the amount of tine penetration to be varied, a desirable feature, not only when renovating rocky farmland but also if reclaiming gravel on rural roadsides, or if cleaning debris, rocks and rubbish in drain verges.

With a Schulte Stone Rake available, it doesn't make sense, nor dollars, to work around those rocks any longer.

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