Are you sorted for Autumn and Winter?


Check out our handy list of jobs for the cold season

This year make your autumn and winter seasons a little easier by getting them sorted early. We've developed a great list of jobs to keep things running smoothly until the warmer season.


Winter is a great time to sit in the warm kitchen and pull out the paperwork. Make sure you have a list of all the new machinery you need! Include the kid's school fees and don't forget to set a little aside for a family day out in the warmer months. Include all the items you will need in the coming months, seed and fertiliser purchases you might need to make and a budget for new stock. If you'll be buying in feed over the cold season you'll need to include this as well.

Munro Post Driver


Well designed and maintained fencing is an important asset for your farm. Once the ground softens up its time to pull out the post driver. If you need replacement parts or are looking for a new machine be sure to let us know.

If your building new fencing don't forget to make a plan, this can save a lot of unnecessary wastage and expense. Make sure you start with corners and gates and take note of dips, valleys, and changes in direction. Check out this article on Rotech Rural as a guide.


We all know that June is fast approaching and autumn is a great time to unload some cash before the government comes knocking.

Don't forget this year the government has introduced a 30k instant asset write off up from 20k last year. This means you could save up to $9000 in taxes on a 30k asset and up to $6000 in taxes on a 20k asset.

If you'd like more information on how you could save big bucks on tax, ask in store or give us a call on 1800 335 623. We have also included a link to the ATO's handy Instant asset write-off thresholds webpage.

ATO Instant Asset Writeoff

Autumn Top Dress

Don't forget to make sure you have access to a spreader for top dressing this autumn.

Delmade has access to a huge range of spreader options and we've got you covered if your doing large or small acreage and anything in between. If you'd like a long-lasting spreader with a two-year warranty look to our Walco range. The Walco range has a large number of options with a smaller towable model for atvs, quads or even utes, up to the larger 1275 litres 3pl machine for use behind the tractor.

Delmade also offers the Agrex Spreader range which has a max capacity of over 4500kg.

If you'd like more info on our spreader range or need questions answered about the best option for you give us a call on 1800 335 623 or check out our range here.

Walco Delmade Spreader In Action

Deep Ripping/Subsoiling

Make sure you deep rip your pasture after your crops come out. Deep Ripping also known as subsoiling has been proven to mitigate the effects of ground compaction. According to the Grain Research and Development Corporation Study of Deep Ripping undertaken in 2009. "Deep ripping breaks up traffic-induced or naturally occurring layers with high soil strength.

Delmade Subsoiler / Deep Ripper

With deep ripping, roots can penetrate the soil faster and deeper to absorb more soil moisture, capture more soil nutrients and improve yield."1 

Deep Ripping is defined as "disturbing the soil below the normal cultivation layer, often to 40cm, with strong, narrow tines without inverting the soil"2 it is therefore important to use a Subsoiler/ Deep Ripper that is able to achieve that depth with minimal topsoil disturbance. The Delmade Subsoiler does an excellent job deep ripping especially when used with an optional coulter kit which cuts the topsoil allowing the tine to slide through with virtually no topsoil inversion. The Delmade Subsoiler is also available with an optional crumbler roller. This ensures that any topsoil inversion, which can occur more readily in dry soils, will be loosened breaking up any clods formed on the surface. If you'd like to check out the Delmade Subsoiler in action view here, shown with a 7 tine main frame and 11 tine coulter kit.

There is a lot of information and case studies out there on deep ripping/subsoiling. If you'd like to see some of our material let us know and we'd be more than happy to show you, simply give us a call on 1800 335 623.

Pipe Laying

Delmade Ripper Pipe Layer

If you need new troughs or need to lay poly pipe, winter is the perfect time. With the ground soft, your ripper will break through with ease. And if you want the job done faster take a look at our poly reel, guaranteed to make pipe laying a one-man job.

The Delmade RIpper Pipe Layer includes as the name suggests a mounted reel for the poly to sit on, it is an extremely effective combination implement capable of laying 50mm (2") poly pipe, along with most fittings and joiners. There is no need to unroll the pipe before laying it. It simply fits on the reel, saving up to half the time usually taken to lay pipe using a traditional ripper. If you're looking to lay a larger pipe, Delmade also offers a wider unit with a clearance of up to 150mm. Check out the machine here or give us a call on 1800 335 623 and we can talk you through the options.

Master Tub Trough

Wow, that turned out to be quite a list! If you have more jobs you think we should feature let us know, we'd be happy to include them.

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Citation: Delmade would like to extend thanks to the Australian Governments Grain Research and Development Corporation. Footmarks 1 and 2 reference the 2009 Deep Ripping Fact Sheet available on the GRDC website.