How to buy a new slasher


Whether you’re a first-time purchaser or a seasoned buyer. A decision to buy can be difficult. Delmade has made that decision a little easier with our new slasher buyer’s guide. Use our guide to find a model that suits your application.

There are three key steps to buying a new slasher.

1. Matching
Delmade - Large vs Small Tractor

The first step is to match your tractor and slasher size. Look at your Hp and width and determine if your tractor has enough power to use a big machine, or you need something smaller. Look at the width of slasher you are after and if you need a centre line or offset unit.

2. Application
Delmade - Slasher Uses

How will you be using your new slasher? Its key to ensure that your slasher is right for the job. If you are only using your slasher once or twice a year for a small amount of mowing, then look for something a little smaller. Our hobby option is perfect for a low-cost low-use solution TA Slasher.  If you are contracting or mowing large amounts of grass then go for a larger machine. A great example is our Contractor Slasher .

3. Price
Delmade - Slasher Comparisons

Finally, price. A slasher is an investment and for those driven by price you do have the option to go with a smaller, less heavy-duty unit if you want to save on price. We recommend discussing options with your dealer as many lower cost units will have lower quality gearboxes and lack durability.

Now your well on the way to owning the perfect slasher you’ll want to remember to ensure the following points before making your choice:

  1. Safety – you don’t want to get hurt, so look for units with safety chains and guards
  2. Durability – will the slasher last the distance
  3. Gearbox – don’t get caught by a cheap imported gearbox that will wear out fast
  4. Blades – make sure they meet Australian standards
  5. Access to spare parts – make sure your dealer can supply you with spare parts

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