4 Reasons Why every Farmer should own a Slasher


Always wanted a slasher but, not sure why? Read on for Delmade’s take on why every farmer needs a slasher all summarised in 4 key points!

1. Fire Hazards
Delmade - Use a slasher to remove fire hazards

Nobody wants a potentially life-threatening fire sweeping through their property. One way to ensure your property is fire safe is by removing potential fire fuel where possible. Grass is very responsive to changes in moisture levels and dries out quickly. In the summer months grass is highly flammable, and it only takes one spark to make it combust. That’s why it’s important to mow your grass early in the season.

2. Snake and Rodent Control
Delmade - Use a slasher for pest control

If you’re in a constant battle with rodents and snakes removing habitat is key! Long unkept grass is the perfect home for mice and rats. Not to mention its attraction to wallabies and feral animals. Slashing your grass takes away the habitat of these animals, encouraging them to move on. After all no animal will stay in a location without food and refuge.

3. Upkeep and Maintenance
Delmade - Use a Slasher for untidy yards

Everybody likes a neat and tidy yard! And the first step to making your place look great is culling the mess. Knee high grass, sags and unwanted growth should be the first to go. The quickest and easiest way to do this is to bring out the slasher! For general upkeep a slasher will clean up your mess in no time!

4. Healthy Growing
Delmade - Use a slasher to promote re-growth

If you’ve had animals grazing in your paddocks, then you’re probably noticing the grass is patchy. Slashing the grass ensures the area is covered with mulch which degrades, providing essential nutrients for re-growth.

And that gives us four key reasons why owning a slasher is a ‘must’ for farmers.

Convinced you need a slasher but not sure what to buy? If you are looking for a guide to buying the perfect unit, then watch this space. Next week we will be releasing our Slasher buying guide. Designed to give advice on purchasing any type of slasher from small light duty units to a heavy-duty contracting unit.

If you’d like some help choosing the right machine for the job, then get in contact we would love to help!

Delmade - Slasher buying guide

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