The Delmade Disc Proves Its Worth


How many hours do you spend working on your Offset Discs compared to working with your Discs?  A question often asked… and with the growing number of Offset Discs that Delmade is supplying to Queensland, you can rest easily knowing Delmade can provide you with the best.

A key player in the Australian Offset Disc market, Delmade boasts a wide range of Discs from the base model 650 Series complete with 24” plate and 1 ½” oil bath bearings through to the 1100 Series with 32” plates and 2 1/8 x 13” oil bath bearings which weighs in over 6 ton.

Delmade’s Rigid Discs range from 16 to 52 plates and the Folding Discs start at a 40 plate model.  All Discs have fully bolted adjustable gang frames without ‘u’ bolts making it extremely easy to adjust to any need or application whilst leaving a perfect finish which is hard to match.

Part of the secret to this success is the unique oil bath bearing which is made to Delmade’s specifications and fitted with duo cone seals (the type you would find in track rollers on dozers and excavators).  These bearings give an extremely good field life and have proven to far outlast other disc bearings on the market.

Delmade pride themselves on not only the extreme ruggedness and durability of their machines but also the appearance.  All Delmade Offset Discs have oven baked undercoat and powder coat applied over the sandblasted steel.

The Delmade Discs have been designed with a goal of minimum service cost and zero downtime in the field.  Delmade feel they have come extremely close to this goal and so do their customers.  In the words of QLD cane farm manager John R., “they have handled every situation with no problem at all… There has been no lost time due to breakdowns, bearing failure etc… We did price other offsets and although Delmade are not the cheapest on the market they have proved to be a good investment and I would recommend them to any person or company who are looking to invest in a new set of offsets.”

For more information please contact our Delmade Customer Service Team on 1800 335 623 or visit