Delmade Scarifier 2000 is breaking new ground


Once again Delmade is breaking new ground with the release of the Delmade Scarifier 2000.

An exciting new development for the agricultural industry.

The Delmade Scarifier 2000 is an Extra Heavy Duty tillage implement that is well adapted to both primary and secondary cultivation.  This tough and robust machine bears the same qualities of the ever popular Delmade Heavy Duty Cultivator, however the Delmade Scarifier 2000 is even more superior in strength and trash flow.

Available in a number of configurations, the Delmade Scarifier 2000, starts at a working width of 1.75m (5’ 9”) and is available in both a 3 point linkage and trailing frame, as a rigid or folding combination.

In addition the Delmade Scarifier 2000 is virtually maintenance free!   It has, No breakable coil springs.  No wearing spring bolts.  And no wearing pivot pins, saving you both time and money.

In addition there is a wide range of points, from the 60mm point, for maximum penetration through to a 260mm point, boasting total weed eradication and, offering plenty of flexibility.

The Delmade Scarifier 2000 has a number of different options available, for example, a Crumbler Roller to assist with breaking the clods and a Depth Wheel which allows you to cultivate at a consistent depth in the most demanding situations. 

Like all Delmade implements the Delmade Scarifier 2000 has been designed and built to help you achieve maximum efficiencies and productivity from your ground, thus resulting in increased return on your investment.

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