Breaking New Ground


The NEW 1150 Series Wheeled Offset Disc

Breaking new ground is a tough task for anyone in any industry.  But, DELMADE, has done just that with the launch of their latest super-heavy duty beast, the 1150 Series.

This machine is seriously tough.  And, because it is specifically designed for breaking new ground, it has to be.  When it comes to tilling and breaking up virgin, uncultivated country, be it stony, rough, or hard, you need special implements.  Along with weight, strength, and aggression, reliability is essential, requiring precise innovative engineering and exacting quality standards.

The DELMADE 1150 Series Wheeled Offset Disc has all these qualities.  When it comes to weight, the smallest 24 plate model in the range weighs in at over 6 tons –that’s heavy.  Its brutal strength can be seen and felt in the huge chassis beams, all fully welded and braced.  With 9mm wall thickness these support even heavier gang frames of the same size but with 12.5mm wall thickness.  This allows a weight ratio of over 250kg per disc on a 24 plate machine, which, with massive disc spacings of 330mm (13”), is spread over a working width of 4.5 metres.  The sheer weight bearing on the cutting edge of each big 32” plate creates a very deep and aggressive bite with minimal trash fouling.  Easily adjusted gang angles allow the cut aggression to be altered as the conditions require.

However, one additional key ingredient brings this into perspective.  Reliability is the hallmark if the DELMADE tradition and the 1150 Series inherits all the engineering features of its thoroughbred lineage.  By utilizing the legendary DELMADE oil bath bearings with patented Duo-cone seals coupled with huge high tensile disc gang axles, a proven formula is continued.  This has been refined and perfected over many years in the existing range of DELMADE Offset Discs with downtime from bearing failure almost non – existent.  Combined with exacting engineering standards, stringent quality control, and the best quality materials available, reliability comes natural to the 1150 Series.

The DELMADE 1150 Series Disc is also likely to break new ground in other areas such as forestry land-clearing operations, fire breaks, and in industries such as sugar cane.  And, although it is locally manufactured, and readily serviced, it looks as though spare parts won’t be needed too often. 

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