Worried about weeds in your pasture? Need to spray but the risk of drift is too great? Using the WeedSwiper from Delmade may be the answer you are looking for. Designed for the easy application of herbicide in windy conditions the WeedSwiper will save you chemicals, time and money!

The benefits of using a weed wiper against spraying are numerous, including the ability to work in windy weather, to wipe tall weeds without disturbing the under-storey, and the ability to wipe near sensitive plants. The WeedsWiper from Delmade is an exclusive hydrostat controlled wiper. The "Hydrostat" electronic control system is a true supply on-demand controller. The WeedSwiper saves time by ensuring enough herbicide is wiped on the first time, to give a good kill and saves money because herbicide does not drip from an over-saturated wiping element and pasture is not damaged.

Delmade also offers the wipeout Redback Wick Wiper. Check out the range below and be sure to request a quote for more information.